KDM Electrical Enclosure Window Kit

Need an electrical enclosure window kit that can hold up cruel environments?KDM offers various models.

We offer window kit made by ¼†acrylic plastics.



We are also capable of furnished mounting installment directives and hardware for electrical enclosure window kits. So, when you plan to get a new electrical enclosure window kit, KDM can manufacture it for you.KDM`s electrical enclosure window kit is functional for giving visibility and cooling of electrical enclosures.

These are NEMA-rated enclosures that allow easy inspecting of interior units. The KDM electrical enclosure window kit is helpful for detecting troubles in the enclosure. Even without removing the enclosure`s panel, easy detecting of troubles surely gets done.

  • High-Standard Electrical Enclosure Window Kit
  • Durable and Custom Design Availability
  • Quality-Checked Finishes
  • NEMA Certified Enclosures

KDM Electrical Enclosure Window Kit Series

Deep-Hinged Window Kit

Deep-Hinged Window Kits offers easy access, visibility, protection to components and devices installed inside the enclosures. These are suitably sized to enable direct mounting.

Frameless Window Kits

Frameless window kits are suitable for indoor applications with a temperature range of 13C to 52C. These have an elegant exterior surface which so eye-catching to customers.

Hazardous Location Window Kit

Hazardous Location Window Kits are heavy-duty window kits with impact resistance, ATEX, and RoHS compliant. These are suitable to employ on rising safety enclosures.

Hinged Window Kits

Hinged Window Kits manufactured with high-strength capabilities. You can get the brushed finish with various special widths, latching, heights options available.

Locking Pull Box Window Kits

Locking Pull Box Window Kits are specialized in durability and long-life functions. These are made from high-quality steel with a removable aluminum surface

Non-metallic Window Kits

Non-metallic Window Kits manufactured from polycarbonate blend with enhanced UV, collision, absorption, saturation, water exposure resistance. These are suitable for both outdoor and indoor applications.


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Electrical Enclosure Window Kit
Electrical Enclosure Window Kit

Our version of an electrical enclosure window kit has different finish options. You can avail of various color coated or sizes. Sample coated finishes are gray powder coated electrical enclosure window kits, natural brushed stainless steel electrical enclosure window kits, etc.

Depending on your style, we can manufacture the right one for you.

  • ISO-9001 International Standards for Quality Management
  • Trustworthy And Dignified System
  • 24/7 Online Support For Your Business
  • Expert on your Enclosure Projects

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Electrical Enclosure Window Kit

KDM Electrical enclosure window kit is highly maintained against hazardous environments.

This is strongly protected from cruel conditions.

Besides, KDM electrical enclosure window is actually with 0.25″ thickness.

The other type, which is the UV-proof Polycarbonate Window, is also sized with 0.25″ thickness.

The version KDM has an oil-resistant and 100% protected seal.

In every type of KDM electrical enclosure window kit, they can completely satisfy you.

KDM capabilities include color painting, seismic defense, corrosion-proof, and has EMC shielding for electrical enclosure window kit protection.

The electrical enclosure window kit has a special place in the enclosure panel.

Within the enclosure panel, the window kit can create satisfying cooling solutions.

Plus! The electrical enclosure window kit is good for a high-mass equipment environment.

Our range of electrical enclosure window kit is maintenance-free, UL-listed, NEMA-rated, and has 12 tight seals for enclosure protection.

Electrical Enclosure Window Kit

KDM electrical enclosure window kit also experienced strict testing for efficient field service.

So you can assure that every KDM finish is conditional.

Not only electrical enclosure window kits, but KDM also offers trim pieces, louver plates, and frames to customize the electrical enclosures` visual.

For competitive rates, you can enjoy using our high-quality electrical enclosure window kits for business or personal use.

Send us now your concerns about KDM Electrical Enclosure Window Kit.

We will promptly answer.

Electrical Enclosure Window Kit: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Why Do You Need Electrical Enclosure with Window?

In electrical enclosures, windows play the following important roles:

i. Allow for easy inspection or monitoring components in the enclosure without fully opening the door.

ii. Windows ensure fast and easy access to enclosure components, especially for those that you can open.

iii. With ventilation systems, air can flow in and out of the electrical enclosure through the windows. This is critical when you are using electrical enclosure fans as a cooling mechanism.

Electrical enclosure with window

Electrical enclosure with a window

Are Electrical Enclosure Window Kits NEMA Rated?

NEMA ratings, define the overall electrical enclosure specifications for different types of environments.

Of course, whenever you’re talking about a NEMA enclosure with a specific rating (say type 1 or type 10), it takes into account all accessories such as:

  • Doors,
  • Windows, or
  • Enclosure cooling system

Implying, we don’t have a NEMA rated electrical enclosure window kit.

However, we have NEMA rated electrical enclosures with window kits.

NEMA enclosure with window

NEMA Enclosure with window

In short, an enclosure window kit must not compromise the NEMA rating.

Why is Neoprene GasketBest for Enclosure Windows?

Neoprene gasket is oil resistant and guarantees watertight sealing.

Therefore, they can completely isolate the enclosure from the external environment.

It is a perfect choice for NEMA 4 Enclosure and NEMA 4x Enclosure.

In fact, it is a perfect choice for electrical enclosures that require closed-loop cooling systems.

A good example is an enclosure with air conditioners.

What is Enclosure Frameless Window Kit?

Frameless window kits are mainly transparent polycarbonate material with options for screws.

Alternatively, they may also have double-sided adhesive or tape.

Most enclosure frameless window kits are suitable for NEMA 12 Enclosure and NEMA 13 Enclosure.

NEMA Enclosure

NEMA Enclosure

Why Do You Need Electrical Enclosure Window and Louver Kits?

Electrical enclosure with window and louvers are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

However, choosing an electrical enclosure window and louver kits must not compromise NEMA requirements.

Such electrical enclosures ensure:

i. Effective cooling of the electrical enclosure through the louver system

ii. Easy viewing, access and troubleshooting components of the enclosures through the window

Louvre kit

Louvre kit

Depending on the design of the enclosure, you can have:

  • Window and louver as a single kit
  • Window and louver as different kits, i.e. they are on different sections of the enclosure.

What is a Deep-hinged Electrical Enclosure Window Kit?

These are special types of hinges that ensure safety and allows for easy access to the enclosure by opening the window.

Depending on the design, and type of gasket, you can use the deep-hinged electrical enclosure windows in NEMA 4 enclosures, NEMA 4x enclosures, and NEMA 12 enclosures.

Furthermore, the hinges are not exposed, thereby reducing the chances of vandalism.

Should You Choose Fixed or Hinged Enclosure Window Kits?

Fixed windows are permanently secured on the electrical enclosures.

They are fixed using screws or adhesives.

Therefore, with fixed enclosure window kits, you can only observe the interior of an electrical cabinet.

However, you cannot access it.

On the other hand, with hinged enclosure window kits, you can easily open and close the window.

Implying, it gives you the opportunity to observe and access the interior of the electrical enclosure.

In most cases, hinged enclosure window kits may have a locking and latching mechanism.

Fixed vs hinged window

 Fixed vs. hinged window

For NEMA type 4 and 4x; What is the Best Electrical Enclosure Window Kit?

You can go for:

  • Frameless electrical window kit
  • Electrical enclosure window kit with frame
  • Hinged electrical enclosure window kit
  • Deep-hinged electrical enclosure window kit

However, for NEMA 4 enclosure and NEMA 4x enclosure, the door should have high-quality gasket lining.

You can choose a neoprene gasket, which is resistant to oil and temperature.

It will completely isolate the interior and exterior (environment) of the electrical enclosure.

Can You Recommend Window Design to NEMA Type 12 Enclosures?

Since NEMA 12 enclosures are mainly used for indoor applications, to protect components from:

  • Falling dirt or dust
  • Splashing or dripping water
  • Pressurized water or oil

You can use any design of electrical enclosure window kit.

However, it should be transparent, UV resistant, and scratch resistant polycarbonate window.

Besides, the window kit should have a gasket for airtight sealing.

Are there Standard Sizes for Electrical Enclosure Windows?

There no standard that explicitly specifies the size of electrical enclosure windows.

However, whichever the position, size, or design, the window must conform to the NEMA rating and IP requirements.

How Do You Replace Enclosure Window Kits?

  • Step 1: Know the standard specifications for the electrical enclosure. These include the NEMA rating, IP rating, CE, etc.
  • Step 2: Choose enclosure window kit replacement that matches exactly the one you intend to remove.
  • Step 3: Carefully remove the old electrical enclosure kit. Note: As you remove the screws, don’t damage the enclosure.
  • Step 4: Fix the new electrical enclosure and ensure you put the gasket properly.

Note: Before replacing the electrical enclosure window, contact the manufacturer.

What is the Best Material for Electrical Enclosure Window?

For the viewing section, you can choose a UV resistant, scratch resistant, and transparent polycarbonate sheet.

The electrical enclosure window frame and hinges should be made from the same material as the enclosure.

You can choose galvanized steel, stainless steel, etc.

Can You Suggest Non-metallic Electrical Enclosure Window Kit Material?

You can choose UV resistant transparent solid polycarbonate sheet, with scratch resistant properties.

Polycarbonate sheet is dimensionally stable, transparent, durable, and shatterproof, with excellent chemical resistant properties.

Does KDM Offer Electrical Enclosure with Backplane?


Our electrical enclosures come with backplane upon request.

The boards may come with holes; thus, you can easily fix your electronics.

Alternatively, you can screw the electronics components into the board.

Can I Get Hinged Electrical Enclosure Window Kit from KDM?

Here at KDM, we offer a range of enclosure window kits, from hinged to fixed options.

Whether you want hidden or exposed hinges, KDM offers unlimited options for electrical enclosure window kits.

Can KDM Customize Inspection Windows for Enclosures?


Our inspection windows for the enclosure are made from UV resistant and scratch resistant polycarbonate sheet.

They are strategically located, for a 360 degrees view of the entire interior of the electrical enclosure.

What Other Electrical Enclosure Accessories Does KDM Offer Apart from Windows?

You will find virtually every accessory for electrical enclosures such as:

  • Electrical enclosure cooling systems such as fans, air conditioners, heat exchangers, and many more
  • Locking and latching systems for electrical enclosures
  • Ventilation systems for electrical enclosures
  • Alarm systems for electrical enclosures
  • Electrical enclosure handles
  • Insulation systems for electrical enclosures

For any special request on electrical enclosure accessories, contact our support team today.

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