Electrical Enclosure Backplate

KDM Electrical Enclosure Backplate also called Mounting Plate, is built for different industrial use.

We are a professional electrical enclosure backplate supplier in China for over 10 years.



KDM Electrical Enclosure Backplate has strength and durability. These hold and protect equipment inside the enclosures. Suitable for surface mounting enclosures and can be used with new electrical applications. 

There are various types of electrical enclosure backplate, mainly are Painted Steel Solid Electrical Enclosure Backplate, Aluminum Alloy Electrical Enclosure Backplate, Coated Aluminum Electrical Enclosure Backplate, Aluminum VM Style Electrical Enclosure Backplate, White Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester Electrical Enclosure Backplate and more.

  • Simple and cost-effective electrical enclosure backplate
  •  Accurately built to manage complete protection
  • Strong and solidly built electrical enclosure backplate
  • Reliable and strong electrical enclosure backplate

KDM Electrical Enclosure Backplate Series

Painted Steel Solid Electrical Enclosure Backplate

Painted Steel Solid Electrical Enclosure Backplate features steel construction with a white painted finish for effective corrosion resistance. It is also made of rugged steel construction that prevents corrosion.

Coated Aluminum Electrical Enclosure Backplate

Coated Aluminum Electrical Enclosure Backplate has aluminum construction for added strength and corrosion protection. It is also suitable for use with pushbutton enclosures. 

Aluminum VM Style Electrical Enclosure Backplate

Aluminum VM Style Electrical Enclosure Backplate features aluminum construction. It also allows the mounting of electrical and electronic instrumentation equipment.   

Aluminum Alloy Electrical Enclosure Backplate

Aluminum Alloy Electrical Enclosure Backplate is made of aluminum alloy for its corrosion resistance. It also allows securing equipment inside.

Galvanized Steel Electrical Enclosure Backplate

Galvanized Steel Electrical Enclosure Backplate is used for installing electronic components to the walls of the enclosure. It is also surely durable.

Painted Steel Electrical Enclosure Backplate

Painted Steel Electrical Enclosure Backplate feature code gauge steel construction with painted white finished. It is reliable and can be used long-lasting backplate.

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Electrical Enclosure Backplate
Electrical Enclosure Backplate

We also provide KDM electrical enclosure backplates in different types like fiberglass backplate, aluminum backplate, steel backplate, perforated backplate, stainless steel backplate. KDM is skilled in the greatest electrical enclosure backplate manufacturing.  

KDM Electrical Enclosure Backplate is durable and resists corrosion that has the most excellent security for any electrical wiring application. It is exposed in inside application also recessed in any enclosure.

  • Electrical enclosure backplate is manufactured by highly experienced staff
  • Providing extremely good and reliable electrical enclosure backplate
  • 10 years of experience in the manufacturing field
  • Customized but Cost-effective electrical enclosure backplate

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    KDM Waterproof Plastic Enclosure with Internal Mounting Panel is suitable for harsh outdoor environments or indoor industrial applications. It also helps cable outlets can be easily drilled.
  • Single Door Hinge Enclosure
    KDM Single Door Hinge Enclosure has an IP rating that can protect against dust and low pressure from all directions. It is also surely durable and has high resistance.
  • Single Door Hinge Enclosure
    KDM Steel NEMA 1 Sheet Metal Box has an embossed grounding hole in the bottom that provides easy access and flush wall mounting. It is also simple to assemble.
  • IP65 Enclosure with Backplate
    KDM IP65 Enclosure with Backplate is made up of high-quality metal for its durability. It also can be used outdoor and indoor.

KDM Electrical Enclosure Backplate

 KDM Electrical Enclosure Backplate is widely used in various industries.

You can use our electrical enclosure backplate for your enclosures in house building, office building, wall, ceiling, etc.

Also use conveniently our electrical enclosure backplate into different products like junction boxes, switches boxes and more. 

KDM has a great electrical enclosure backplate manufacturing capacity, we can produce over hundreds of electrical enclosure backplate every day with our automated production line, so you will always have enough electrical enclosure backplate even in peak days. 

We have some sets of different electrical enclosure backplate manufacturing lines and in the house electrical fabrication facility.

Whether you are in need of an electrical enclosure backplate distributor, retailer, or a custom enclosure backplate factory, KDM is always your most reliable choice because we can always provide your demands.

We are committed to excellence and our innovations in electrical enclosure backplate are an example of our commitment.

Our unparalleled electrical enclosure backplate is specialized for various tasks and our facility is ISO9001 certified.

Electrical Enclosure Backplate

Our superior units come with full customer support.

For value-added experiences, you can rely on us to give you a fair price.

We are excited to hear from you. 

We offer our valued customers the very best products at the most affordable pricing.

We will render you the one-stop solution for all your electrical enclosure backplate requirements.

Any types of an electrical enclosure backplate, contact KDM Steel, we will provide you the best enclosure backplate solution, order or no order, we’re always happy to help your business.

KDM ensures maximum control over quality and the ability to design and produce custom to customers’ specifications.

We can help you design your product and have the capability of fastly producing for your evaluation.

Our products undergo extremely accurate quality control for the quality you request.

KDM can also manufacture other that is related to electrical enclosure backplates such as Waterproof Plastic Enclosure with Internal Mounting Panel, Single Door Hinge Enclosure, Steel NEMA 1 Sheet Metal Box, IP65 Enclosure with Backplate and more.

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Electrical Enclosure Backplate: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What is Electrical Enclosure Backplate?

A backplate is a piece of material (normally flat), installed in the electrical enclosure panel just a few millimeters from the back panel.

You can also refer to it as an interior panel or mounting plate of the electrical enclosure.

Electrical enclosure backplate comes in different sizes (height, width, and thickness), besides varying material options.

Backplate in an enclosure

Backplate in an enclosure

Electrical enclosure backplate

Electrical enclosure backplate

Why do You Need Electrical Enclosure Backplate?

Fully assembled backplate

Fully assembled backplate

  • For easy and secure mounting of components in the electrical enclosure
  • Allows easy access of components
  • Protects components from direct contact with the electrical enclosure back panel
  • No need to drill external back panel of the enclosure which can compromise NEMA or IP ratings. Simply drill the backplate to mount components without deforming external wall of the enclosure
  • It can help in electrical enclosure cable management. You can make cables run behind the electrical enclosure.

Is Enclosure Backplate Same as Mounting Plate?


In fact, you can also refer to enclosure backplate and electrical enclosure mounting plate.

Also, you can also use electrical enclosure backplane.

Depending on their design, you can go for fixed or removable enclosure backplate.

Can You Install DIN Rail on Enclosure Backplate?


Installing DIN rail on enclosure backplate makes cable management and component mounting convenient, easier and simple.

Mounting DIN Rail on Backplate

Mounting DIN rails on a backplate

Are Electrical Enclosure Backplate UL Certified?

High-quality electrical enclosure backplate must be UL certified.

Such enclosure backplate will not burn, catch fire or overheat whenever electrical components dissipate heat.

It must pass strict quality testing and withstand the maximum heat load of the electrical enclosure.

How Safe is Electrical Enclosure Backplate?

Electrical enclosure backplate is made of high-grade material that can withstand maximum heat load of electrical enclosure.

Every enclosure mounting plate must pass strict quality test standards to ensure it does not overheat, corrode, or weaken.

Always buy your electrical enclosure mounting plates from reliable and reputable manufacturers.

Does Enclosure Backplate have Pre Drilled Holes?

In most cases, enclosure mounting plates will come with at least four holes that allow for fast mounting in the electrical cabinet.

However, depending on your cable management needs and a number of components, you may drill additional holes.

Electrical enclosure backplate holes

Electrical enclosure backplate holes – Photo credits: Arlington

But even as you drill holes on the electrical enclosure backplate, use the right tools and equipment.

It will prevent possible damage to the electrical enclosure mounting plate.

Can Electrical Enclosure Backplate Dissipate Heat?

It will depend on the type of material.

Electrical enclosure backplate made from metals such as aluminum or steel will help dissipate some heat.

More importantly, if you’re using cooling systems such as electrical enclosure fans, they will provide a large surface area for cooling.

What is the Recommended Space between Backplate and Back Wall of Electrical Enclosure?

You should install enclosure backplate centrally within the electrical cabinet.

Normally, the distance between the backplate and back wall of an enclosure will be a few inches (1 or 2 inches and at times more, or less).

However, this will depend on:

i. Size of the components you want to mount on the backplate – leave reasonable allowance between the components and enclosure door. They must not touch the enclosure door.

ii. Whether you want to use the enclosure mounting plate for cable management or not. For large cables, you must leave a reasonable allowance for the cable installation.

iii. Type of mechanism for fixing components

Can You Recommend Electrical enclosure Backplate Material?

The choice of electrical enclosure backplate will depend on the type of enclosure material and components you want to mount.

You can choose any of the following materials:

  • Fiberglass backplate
  • Aluminum backplate
  • Steel backplate
  • Perforated backplate (it can be any of the above materials)
  • Backplate made from composite material
  • Stainless steel backplate, etc.

Furthermore, you can consider conductive or non-conductive backplate that has been treated to be corrosion resistant.

Is Enclosure Backplate NEMA Rated?


However, NEMA rated enclosures have a backplate.

Normally, when we talk of NEMA rated enclosure, it covers every aspect of the electrical enclosure, from:

The rating does not focus on a single component or section of the electrical enclosure.

NEMA 4X enclosure

NEMA 4x enclosure

How Do You Assemble Components on Enclosure Backplate?

Step 1: Ensure the backplate perfectly fits the electrical enclosure

Step 2: Determine the distance between the mounting plate and back panel of the enclosure

Step 3: Drill any extra holes (if necessary) where you will mount components, DIN rail, and cable management

Step 4: Mount component on the backplate then fix it on the enclosure

Note: In case you need to add more components in the future, you don’t have to disassemble the backplate.

You can add the components when the backplate is fixed on the enclosure.

What is the Minimum Thickness for Enclosure Backplate?

Most enclosure mounting plates are about 3mm thick.

However, the thickness will vary depending on the components you intend to mount.

Heavy electrical components require backplate with high thickness to support the weight, and vice versa.

Does KDM Provide Electrical Enclosure with Backplate?

Yes, KDM has quite a number of an electrical enclosure with backplate for a range of indoor and outdoor application.

They are specially fabricated to conform to NEMA enclosure and IP rating standards.

Apart from Enclosure Backplate, What Other Enclosure Accessories do KDM Supply?

KDM supplies electrical enclosure latches, air conditioner, fans, window kits, heaters, ventilation system, air filters, cable entry, cooling system, and safety accessories.

Can KDM Supply Perforated Electrical Enclosure Backplate?

Yes, upon request, KDM can supply perforated electrical enclosure backplate.

Other electrical enclosure mounting plate options include:

  • Metallic and non-metallic electrical enclosure backplate
  • Backplate made from composite material
  • Painted enclosure backplate
  • Galvanized enclosure backplate
  • Plated backplate

Which Sizes of Enclosure Backplate Does KDM Supply?

Our enclosure backplate sizes vary depending on the type of electrical enclosure cabinet – from junction boxes to large electrical control panels.

You can also get custom enclosure backplate.

How Much Does KDM Sell Electrical Enclosure Backplate?

The price of electrical enclosure depends on the size, type of material, or design.

KDM offers competitive prices on electrical enclosure backplate.

For accurate quotations on a backplate, talk to our engineers now.

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