KDM Electric Meter Box Cover

Professional Electric Meter Box Cover Manufacturer for your Project

KDM is the Premier Manufacturer of Electric Meter Box Cover in China

With KDM electric meter box cover unique design, innovative and advanced performances, ensured powerful covers.

We manufacture electric meter box covers in accordance with your design and specifications.

  • NEMA rated, UL listed, CE certified electric meter box cover
  • Affordable electric meter box cover for every electrical system
  • Large range of high-quality electric meter box cover
  • Unique design, innovative technology, and advanced performance electric meter box cover

KDM Electric Meter Box Cover Series

Home Electric Meter Box Cover

Home electric meter box cover is design and manufactured to meet the advanced standard. KDM can completely build new and innovative home electric meter box cover for your need.

Plastic Electric Meter Box Cover

KDM plastic electric meter box covers are made from molded plastic. There are wide selections of products for you to choose from.

Round Electric Meter Box Cover

KDM designs a wide variety of round electric meter box cover perfect for outdoor projects. You can find great deals for your requirements.

Single-phase Electric Meter Box Cover

KDM can specially design a single-phase electric meter box cover to meet exact specifications and applications. KDM is your reliable partner.

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Electric Meter Box Cover
Electric Meter Box Cover

With the newest and most fashionable box covers, KDM has been one of the professional electric meter box cover manufacturers and suppliers. You can wholesale quality electric meter box cover at affordable prices in our factory.

KDM with over 10 years experienced and domain expertise, our kind of electric meter box cover has been acknowledged by different clients and various industries.

  • Quick and easy to install electric meter box cover
  • Smart, stylish, and crystal clear electric meter box cover
  • Designed by professional and reliable engineers
  • Tested and approved national and international standard

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  • Electric meter box
    KDM electric meter covers are simply built to be attractive, weatherproof, and mechanically-tested.
  • Meter enclosure
    KDM range of meter enclosure can be configured to own design and application.
  • Meter Kiosk
    A high-quality meter kiosk is designed as per the customers’ requirements. In indoor or outdoor use you can find it in KDM.
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KDM Electric Meter Box Cover

KDM electric meter box cover is made from transparent PVC material which provides great resistant to UV, fire, wet environment, and other elements.

It has high environmental protection performance required by the electrical management department.

They are intelligently designed to prevent theft and other security protection.

This cover is designed with great accordance with national and international standards.

Also, this made possible as KDM utilized comprehensive heavy and latest production technology and units.

We are able to fulfill advanced technical requirements as we have high performance manufacturing equipment.

Electric Meter Box Cover

Electric meter box cover has high features including rain-resistant, UV-resistant, anti-theft, and electric safety protection.

Your customers could ensure protected utilization.

Our range of electric meter box covers suitable to use for different types of electric, mechanical, metering and electronic.

Whether installed in remote areas or industrial environments, this is an ideal solution.

KDM electric meter box cover product has the capacity to withstand and able to be used in long years.

Electric Meter Box Cover

KDM electric meter box cover adopts integrated design concept making it suitable to various types of household power meter.

This cover is compact as they need small space to install and manage with the metering case.

Stealing and unnecessary touching of the device will be prevented.

At present, our electric meter box covers can cover up single-phase electric meter box, 3-phase electric meter box, and more of.

It can protect a series of electric meter box with stylish shapes, smooth lines, firm installed, and compact structure cabinets.

This cover can be interlock with hooks, padlocks, special screw, and keys.

As one of the leading electric meter box manufacturer and supplier, KDM design the best electric meter box for your project.

Electric Meter Box Cover

In KDM, you can ensure superior quality electric meter box cover.

Being highly durable and reliable, these covers meet different requirements of products.

KDM is known to be one of the leading specialists of best quality electric meter box cover.

We make sure material being used is superior and reliable.

Our state of the art manufacturing units and equipment, we are able to provide world-class, excellent products.

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