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  • KDM is experienced manufacturer of camera housing solutions
  • Modern, reliable and high performance camera enclosure
  • ISO9001, CE certificated camera enclosure
  • Wide selection of camera enclosure shapes, sizes and mounting options

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Camera Enclosure
CCTV Camera PVC Box
CCTV Camera PVC Box

KDM CCTV camera PVC box offer smarter, better and faster housing solutions. Our panel can is perfect for OEM service. Valuable components will be prevented from any environmental effect.


Small CCTV Camera Box
Small CCTV Camera Box

KDM design small CCTV camera box with competitive prices. Top of the line small-sized CCTV camera box is guaranteed.


6inch CCTV Camera Enclosure
6inch CCTV Camera Enclosure

KDM has rich experienced of designing quality 6inch CCTV camera enclosure. OEM/ODM order is acceptable. Avail wide choice of best seller 6inch CCTV camera enclosure in KDM.

Outdoor Camera Enclosure
Outdoor Camera Enclosure

KDM outdoor camera enclosure protects every security system and surveillance components. KDM has the capability to offer one-stop solution for your project requirement.


IP67 Camera Enclosure
IP67 Camera Enclosure

KDM engineered IP67 camera enclosure withstand challenging application. We have wide variety of enclosure fit any kinds of cameras.


Explosionproof Camera Enclosure
Explosionproof Camera Enclosure

KDM offered cost-effective, easy to use, compact and lightweight explosion-proof camera enclosures. You can avail these enclosures at favourable price.

Outdoor Weatherproof Camera Enclosure
Outdoor Weatherproof Camera Enclosure

KDM has wide selection of outdoor weatherproof camera enclosure shapes and sizes, in indoor and outdoor uses. Our products are constructed from reliable materials.

DSLR Camera Enclosure
DSLR Camera Enclosure

KDM DSLR camera enclosure is the most versatile and rugged panel to housed this sensitive equipment properly. KDM offer full service to produce new and innovative solutions for you.


Stainless Steel Camera Enclosure
Stainless Steel Camera Enclosure

The stainless steel camera enclosure offer a stable and reliable housing to keep every valuable protected and secured. We can construct the ideal enclosure according to your requirements.


Dome Camera Enclosure
Dome Camera Enclosure

The dome camera enclosure prevents elements from entering the sensitive components. KDM offered the best dome camera enclosure for you.

Related Product with Camera Enclosure

KDM can made camera enclosure perfectly suit to deploy in industrial applications and environment.
The heated camera enclosure is ideal for extreme weather outdoor installations preventing moisture and more.
KDM design camera housing with wiper to keep equipment safe in wet or dusty environments.
KDM provide full technical support to create new and latest outdoor camera housing for your business.

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  • Top of the line selection of camera enclosure
  • Reliable construction to resist extreme environmental conditions
  • Engineered and assembled into advanced technology
  • Custom-design panel to meet business requirement

KDM Camera Enclosure

Camera Enclosure

KDM camera enclosures are designed to protect sensitive and valuable equipment.

They have great construction to withstand extreme environmental conditions.

Whether used in outdoor or indoor application, you can guarantee heavy-duty camera enclosure with KDM.

Our refreshed line of camera enclosure will improved your business revenue and marketability.

You can ensure much faster production and where your brand created a name in the marketplace.

Our camera enclosure can be pre-mounted with functional practical features where they can be easily mounted and installed to area.

This panel not only serve camera devices but this is also perfect use for routers, hard drives, cell networks and more.

Camera Enclosure

Our camera enclosure consists of great property such as corrosive-resistant, flame-resistant, explosion-proof.

These enclosures are best installed and applied in risk areas including chemical industries, industrial industries, marine application, refineries, etc.

KDM has wide variety of camera enclosure where you can select the box that’s best for your application.

We design camera enclosure with special treatment improving system life span for a couple of years.

We have huge family of housings to support with your business. If you need to customize camera enclosure to meet specific need, no worries, KDM will be glad to help you.

From concept, manufacturing to packaging, all production processed will be handled professionally.


Expert and capable craftsmen will able to develop unique and intelligent camera enclosure design.

At some instance, enclosure can be included with cooling and other special treatment for reliability.

In KDM, our camera enclosure are rated and certificated to meet CE and ISO standards.

Enclosure can be built meeting various IP and NEMA ratings.

It has complete protection from corrosive, harsh weather and environmental conditions.

These enclosures offer a variety of features which make it easy to built and install with own project requirement.

Our camera enclosure has been proven efficient with a lot of customers.

They preferred KDM camera enclosure as enclosure had innovative, smart and unique design.

It is easy to install and replaced at the same way.

If you required real promising camera enclosure for your application, considering KDM camera enclosure will be your best option.

Our camera enclosure can be made from steel, aluminum, plastic, etc.

These are designed to provide higher level of protection against snow, water, dirt and dust.

It can be built-in with mounting brackets to keep installation easier and fast.

KDM is the ultimate solution for all camera housing protection solutions.

Our products are designed to withstand the most demanding application.

They are capable to be used in all sensitive security and monitoring camera utilization.

Custom-built camera enclosure will strengthen your business productivity ultimately.

With KDM camera enclosure, you can find the right enclosure for your need.

KDM will offer everything you to select a high-quality enclosure in your business.

Camera Enclosure

We can engineered and completely offer one-stop solution for camera enclosure at the very best prices.

With rich experienced, we know what the best for you.

We will design panel to fit exactly what you need.

KDM is your reliable camera enclosure manufacturer.

Let KDM help you built your ideal enclosures.

Please contact us so we could offer the best for you.

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