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  • 10-year experience in designing and manufacturing medical computer carts
  • Top-quality products; completely customized to exact needs
  • Up-to-date medical computer design and a broad range of options
  • ISO9001 certificated medical computer carts 

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Medical Computer Cart
Battery-powered Medical Computer Cart
Battery-powered Medical Computer Cart

KDM is engaged in designing a premium-quality battery-powered medical computer cart for greater mobility and ease of access. We will glad to offer a one-stop solution for you. 

Medical Telemedicine Computer Cart
Medical Telemedicine Computer Cart

KDM medical telemedicine computer cart is made up of high-grade raw material, making them strong and long-lasting. Find the best and economical way to showcase your business. 

3D Monitor Medical Computer Cart
3D Monitor Medical Computer Cart

Find your ideal 3D monitor medical computer cart with KDM line of medical computer cart. Powerful and efficient designs available in different configurations. 

Rolling Medical Computer Cart
Rolling Medical Computer Cart

Need a rolling medical computer cart for your business? KDM has a wide variety of reliable and high-performance rolling medical computer carts. Discover the best options with us. 

Height-adjustable Medical Computer Cart
Height-adjustable Medical Computer Cart

KDM manufacture height-adjustable medical computer cart in accordance with ISO, CE, UL and Rohs standard. We execute rigorous testing during production to ensure reliability and dependability. 

Back-to-back Medical Computer Cart
Back-to-back Medical Computer Cart

Find the best-quality back-to-back medical computer cart to expand your business marketability. Over 10 years, KDM has the expertise to design your high-powered products. 

MW Medical Computer Cart
MW Medical Computer Cart

KDM has the full capability to manufacture high-quality MW medical computer carts. We also offered bespoke solutions in order to meet your standards and demands. 

ABS Medical Computer Cart
ABS Medical Computer Cart

ABS Medical Computer Cart made by KDM can be avail at competitive prices. Find high -performance products that match your requirements in our collection. 

Customized Medical Computer Cart
Customize Medical Computer Cart

Customizing Medical Computer Cart is supported by our skilled and talented team of experts. They had expertness with the whole production process, an absolute solution is assured. 

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  • Reliable performance and functionality, flexible and ergonomic design
  • Top-of-the-line medical computer cart built from superior-grade material
  • Full technical support on bespoke solutions to match your brand
  • Lightweight and space-saving, high stability features 

KDM Medical Computer Cart

Medical Computer Cart1

KDM manufacture medical computer cart is designed to provide optimum performance and functionality. Structure design offered flexibility to be used in a variety of settings and applications. Our main focus is to meet every requirement sent us that’s why we keep upgrading product range.

KDM used to build state-of-the-art medical computer cart works efficiently with the medical facility. It is able to hold and secure clinical documents, daily medication, telehealth, and other specialty applications.

We offer a wide variety of medical computer carts with mounting options such as to monitor arms, wall mount accessories, etc. Discover great selection and find the right and appropriate equipment for your business.

KDM developed a medical computer cart with a simple attachment system making the mobile easy to handle and comfortable in the same way. Some of our medical computer carts can be installed with a height adjustment system and back-to-back monitoring system.

Plus, there is a slot provided for every cart so they will be included any objects such as cables, batteries, medicine storage, and other external supports for safety reasons and convenient purposes.

We always put great action to meet the growing need for industry and market.  Our medical computer cart comes with space-saving and lightweight features for optimum stability and compatibility. 

Medical Computer Cart2

With a strong and dedicated team of experts, we always bring the powerful and strongest support along with your orders. Even if you wish for a specific solution, we will give you an ideal support system. You can send us your own design and our experts will figure out what would be the best solution for you.

In the medical system, our medical computer cart gives so much efficiency with the nurses as they can accurately distribute medications, review patients’ charts and records, and so on. With KDM carts, all healthcare facilities will gain absolute patient care.

We have thousands of different design medical computer carts, powered and non-powered structure. Find the best solution according to your needs and requirements to solve your problem.

Medical Computer Cart3

Our cart can be customized-to be offered with exact features and accessories for any storage and medical devices. Strong and long-lasting medical computer cart supported with professional service.

Now, if you’re searching the right solution for your medical computer cart, KDM will be your reliable partner. We offer complete support from concept to custom label and packaging.

If you have any medical computer chart needs, please let us serve you and solve your problem. We will give further details about our product and services. Leave all your project challenges with KDM.


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