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KDM aluminum Cable tray has an outstanding appearance and sturdiness. Aluminum is one of the best materials for cable trays. Provides great property of resistance suitable for any applications comes in different dimensions and styles. Our designers created different aluminum cable trays for full protection.

KDM aluminum cable trays are structured and made from high standard materials through an excellent fabrication line. Highly designed and accredited by ISO9001.

KDM Aluminum Cable Tray Series

Aluminum Channel Cable Tray

Aluminum channel cable tray is a type of completely surrounded cable tray establish from stainless steel materials. A powder-coated production and with a large variety of selections. KDM made a highly designed aluminum channel cable tray for your contentment.

Aluminum Groove Cable Tray

KDM Aluminum groove cable tray is the most significant option for electrical applications. Necessary for lay-outing cable tray pleasant systems. Available with different sizes and dimensions.

Aluminum Hot-Dip Galvanized Cable Tray

These could never be missed out when a lay-outing cable trays complex. A very important tool to have well-organized wiring outputs. Also, these are consisting of different high-classifications, helps the speedy process of cable transmissions.

Aluminum Ladder Cable Tray

Aluminum ladder cable tray is perfect for cable control system ministrations. These are engineered in streamline the manipulation. These are also good for giving security for cable wiring, and well-attachment of cable trays.

Aluminum Perforated Cable Tray

Perforated aluminum cable tray is made customizable by KDM. These were the most important for organizing cable lines and for casing implementations as well.

Aluminum Pre-Galvanized Cable Tray

These are with an actual size of 2. 5 Meters and 550/meter in other places applications. Have been fabricated from strongly anti-corrosion materials. These have definite customize designs.

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KDM is a known producer in more than 10 years in the industry. For your needs, we produce an aluminum cable tray according to your request. Allowing you to share your own specifications and we can create base on your details. We offer corroding and outburst-proof aluminum cable trays suitable for water ministration factories, constructions, tunnels, and more.

Whatever your purpose, our aluminum cable trays will help your business grow faster.

  • Different aluminum cable trays types for your wide choices
  • Well-trained engineers to support manufacturing
  • IP65/IP66 Certificated Finish
  • Speedy product samples for your fascination

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  • Single Rail Cable Tray
    Have important role in cable controlling program. For cable line organizing and securely wrapping.
  • Slotted Cable Tray
    One of important construction materials. Have capacity to organize cable wiring. Have numerous uses.
  • Stainless Steel Cable Tray
    Not just giving protection and cable control solutions but also look pleasingly aesthetic. Offer for lesser price.
  • Underground Cable Tray
    Installed round about 200 mm. These have duties to make sure continuity of electrical powers.

KDM Aluminum Cable Tray

KDM Aluminum cable trays have been familiarized with its outstanding and magnificent surface appearances. These are also with tough composition and designs. The aluminum type of cable trays is true with reliable formations. Cable trays like aluminum made are defines having with equipment and splice plates on every portion.

Aluminum Cable Tray

Aluminum cable trays are featured with 5” rail supports and 4” stacking deepness. These also featured with obtaining 3/4” border on the same side supports. These able to create transformed straight ladder wall additions, pipes or any other ceiling barriers in some wireless ceiling implementations.

How to use these aluminum cable trays? This is very easy to use. These give tight supports and security for electrical cables and wires that usually installed in public places. Public places might involve hotels, factories, supermarkets, hospitals, and more. For areas which mostly corroding and outburst proof such as water ministration factories, below-ground mines, and tunnels, these kinds of places needed to be supported with our tailor-made aluminum cable trays.

Our aluminum cable trays are proposed with comparable price ratings. These were manufactured by our cleverly engineering group. We made designs suitable for any of your intended applications. These surely structured and made from high standard materials through a comprehensive automated fabrication line, which below in rigorous standard management policy. Our highly designed aluminum cable trays are also accredited by ISO9001.

Aluminum Cable Tray

Aluminum cable trays are accessible with dissimilar quality dimensions, designs and simple to avail installation components for your specifications. These system kinds are very light compared to steel cable trays types. And because these are light, these were so simple to attach and positioned into different desired locations. These been classified with different including types: aluminum single rail cable tray, aluminum trough cable tray, aluminum solid bottom cable tray, and aluminum ladder cable trays. These all types create functional uses in different electrical solicitations. The same ruggedness established and with lasting employment. These were also specified obtaining standardized widths sizes for about 36″, 24″, 12″, 9″, 18″, and 6″. Aluminum cable trays are available with PVC painted. Have an important purpose, for corrosive prevention and outdoor functions.

For your operating business, these aluminum cable tray types are very magnificent inclusion. These have plenty of design advantages and benefits. One advantage of this aluminum cable tray is making it possible of the easier installation process. With truthfully smooth performance abilities and total amount within lifetime attachment procedures. These have their own protection coatings, helpful for any enduring operations. With these, continuous electrical system control would still operate. Smooth electricity flow distribution surely encountered.

Aluminum Cable Tray

Most advantageous and most appropriate aluminum cable trays are offered by KDM market. With the help of our skilled workers and facilitators, your desired aluminum cable trays can be established as soon as possible. Stringent industry standard is one we get basis to manufacture your required quality aluminum cable trays.

When wanting our offered assistance to manufacturing your favorite type of aluminum cable trays, contact us immediately.

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