KDM GRP Electrical Enclosure

KDM GRP electrical enclosures are also named Glass-fibre Reinforced Polyester. If you are looking for safe and advantageous equipment, KDM GRP electrical enclosure has much to offer.



Due to its lightweight and robustness, KDM GRP electrical enclosure becomes the most known use for enclosing all electrical devices. Plus! You can obtain the enclosing material with varying color options.

The colors involved are semi-gloss green GRP electrical enclosure, well-polished GRP electrical enclosure, grey GRP electrical enclosure, etc. Through the help of KDM, classifying the different colors you want will now become simple. We had complete customizing machines to do the tasks urgently, especially when you urgently need the material.

  • 100% Quality-Checked GRP Electrical Enclosures
  • Fully-Operational and Made-to-Last Solution
  • Flexible and Comprehensive Finishes
  • CE, UL, & NEMA Confirmed Certified


KDM GRP Electrical Enclosure Series

Floor-Standing GRP Enclosures

Floor-Standing GRP Enclosures are ideal in outdoor applications. Features corrosion and atmosphere-resistant. Provides lightweight that gives an easy installation to customer.

Electric Meter GRP Electrical Enclosures

Electric Meter GRP Enclosures design with high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting usage without maintenance. Robust-compacted and strong against shock.

Feeder Pillar GRP Enclosures

Feeder Pillar GRP Enclosures applicable in both indoor and outdoor settings. Distribute the low-voltage power electricity for facilities or private network installments.

Water Meter GRP Enclosures

Water Meter GRP Enclosures features easy-installation and maintenance-free with IP55 and IP66 confirmed certified. Manufactured with superb standard and high-strength capabilities.

KDM manufactured GRP junction Boxes that provide high-resistance characteristics against the harsh impact of the environment. It offers an excellent standard with optimum-operational performance.

Single-Door GRP Electrical Enclosures

Single-Door GRP Enclosures are fitted and supported with durable stainless-steel hinges as a quality standard. A perfect solution for your next electrical enclosure project.

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GRP Electrical Enclosure
GRP Electrical Enclosure

KDM manufacture GRP electrical enclosures for huge industrial applications. Not only that but the product is also used in a cruel environment. To keep maintained within the cruel world, KDM`s GRP electrical enclosure is manufactured in extra robustness and protected from UV rays.

Our mission is to prove the lastingness of the grp electrical enclosure when used for years. If your retailer or a large distributor, KDM grp electrical in your hands will help you realize how to value your customer. With the product’s wide-ranging useful functions and uses, good advantages will prevail expectedly.

  • Complete Innovative Machinery System
  • Professional and Dignified Technical Engineers
  • 10 Years of Expertise in Manufacturing
  • Provides 24/7 online assistance for your Business

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KDM GRP electrical enclosures

To provide good quality services, KDM produces GRP electrical enclosure with modernity finish.

All finishes KDM has done from quality materials like steel and aluminum.

GRP electrical enclosure from the KDM factory is 100% polished.

Cooling and restoring other electrical equipment are what KDM grp electrical enclosure main task.

Safety and organized devices within the material are certain.

But take note! Unorganized electrical wires and devices may cause a fire.

So, to avoid fire, a perfect KDM GRP electrical enclosure is the most preferred option.

Also, KDM GRP electrical enclosure plays an important role in housing all-involved electrical apparatus.

Too useful equipment to enclosed all comprised electrical types.

Some comprised types are fuses, switches, and circuit breakers.

Full protection and security are given for each GRP electrical enclosure product.

To make that possible, a lockable door and keys are provided.

Consistently, when assembling grp electrical enclosure, safety is always a priority in the process.

So, you don`t need to worry! When you manually operate KDM`s GRP electrical enclosure, full safety is predetermined.

KDM confidently offers our one of a kind grp electrical enclosure surface finish.

Soft-touch and brilliantly colored KDM grp electrical enclosure makes itself so distinctive due to the quality.

GRP Electrical Enclosures

Surely, the versatility of GRP electrical enclosure for different applications will be the right choice.

So, what are you waiting for? You better know all the capabilities KDM has.

Each product you desire will timely be provided. For we are ISO 9001 approved, good structured grp electrical enclosures are offered.

KDM also offers associated equipment of GRP electrical enclosure, like Hand-held electrical enclosure, IP67 electrical enclosure, and more.

All these related types of equipment are similarly offered at competitive rates.

If you want us to provide something classy and elegant GRP electrical enclosure, we further offer visuals before we start the manufacturing process.

Do you have something stuck on your mind? KDM provides clear answers to your concerns.

The long wait is over! For faster productions, KDM can support you precisely. Send now your inquiries!

GRP Enclosure -The Complete FAQ Guide

Electrical enclosures have and will continue to be among the most important housing appliance for electrical equipment.

They have recently become sort of a mandatory component in both home and industrial applications – particularly those that require enclosing for electrical equipment.

Interestingly, there are many types of electrical enclosures in the market.

One of the enclosure types that’s becoming most sought after is theGRP Electrical Enclosures.

And, if you’re looking for this type of enclosure, then you’re definitely at the right place.

In this guide, I will take you through some of the essential information regarding this type of electrical cabinet.

So let’s get started right away!

Electrical enclosure

Electrical enclosure

What is a GRP Electrical Enclosure?

A GRP electrical enclosure is a relatively modern type of electrical housing.

It is used for storing and cooling different electrical equipment.

These type of enclosures come out strongly in the market as perfect alternatives for the conventional enclosure materials i.e. steel and aluminum.

The material that’s used to manufacture the GRP cabinet is a combination of fibre glass and glass reinforced plastic.

GRP Electrical enclosure

GRP Electrical enclosure – Photo courtesy: FIBAFORM

This means that GRP enclosure are comparatively light, strong and quite robust.

Thus they are a suitable solution for large industrial applications and in harsh environmental applications.

Don’t get me wrong, GRP electrical enclosures are not limited to large-scale use, they can also be used at home/small scale applications.

Why You Need GRP Electrical Enclosure

Well, quite obviously, you’d need this enclosure to enclose various electrical parts and equipment.

An industrial environment is always busy,and many activities often take place.

So an ideal way of organizingvarious electrical components is by using a suitable enclosure.

In other words, you need a GRP electrical enclosure to organize all your electrical items.

Also, you need this type of enclosure to enhance the safety of the electrical equipment and users/operators around.

In terms ofequipment safety, GRP electrical enclosures can help safeguard them from potential damage due environmental and physical elements.

Keep in mind that repairs and replacement of electrical equipment is costly.

Thus, the only way to help save up on costs is to ensure their protection at all times by using a strong and corrosion resistant enclosure.

In regards to user safety, electrical shocks and electrocution can be a common occurrence in such busy environments.

GRP Enclosure

GRP Enclosure

As such, housing all your wiring and equipment in an enclosure becomes a suitable way of preventing such occurrences.

Another reason also for needing this equipment is because they are fundamental when it comes to preventing fire.

What I mean here is that they usually come with various technologies which help to curb fire incidences from occurring- particularly incidences caused by stray voltages.

And lastly, the GRP/ fibreglass material for manufacturing this equipment is quite glowing.

Therefore, it enables you to enhance aesthetic appeal of the area where you’re installing it.

GRP Electrical Enclosure Designs

Owing to the idea that GRP electrical cabinets are becoming popular these days, the number of designs are also increasing.

Some of the aspects that determine the designs, however, include the size, shape and need for customization.

Currently, there are three key designs of this equipment.

Allow me to briefly tell you which ones before moving on;

· Single Door GRP Electrical Enclosure

As the name indicates, this design features one door which is supported by sturdy hinges.

It also comes with a choice of locks that help secure the enclosed contents for unauthorized access.

Single door GRP Electrical Enclosure

Single door GRP Enclosure

Now, like most electrical enclosure, single door designs are more common is smaller enclosures.

Largely, those that used in residential homes, offices, roadside electric connections and other uses that are comparatively less demanding.

· Double Door GRP Electrical Enclosure

Again, just as the name suggests, this refers to a GRP enclosure design which features two doors, also supported by robust hinges.

They both open in different directions thus allowing you to get enough space for accessing the inside of the enclosure.

Double door GRP Electrical enclosure

Double Door GRP Electrical enclosure

In most cases, double-door GRP cabinets are relatively big and are common in enclosures forlarge-scale applications.

Most of them are found in roadside, processing plants, airports, solar and other control system applications.

· Walk-in GRP Electrical Enclosure

Now, this one refers to a large type of electrical cabinet.

Of course, they’re large because of the types of electrical components and instruments that they house.

Again, these types of the enclosure are arguably the strongest that you can ever find in the market.

Walk in GRP Electrical Enclosure

Walk in GRP Electrical Enclosure

This is largely because of the roles it plays as well as the environment where it is installed.

You see, the broad construction of walk-in GRP electrical cabinets is an indication that they’re preferable for outdoor applications.

And, weather outdoors as well as the physical elements would possibly be a concern.

Therefore, it seems necessary for this design of enclosures to be highly resistant to various elements.

By the way, the walk-in GRP electrical boxes are vital mostly in heavy industrial applications.

And in most cases, they have more than two doors.

Quality Standards of Modular Electrical Enclosure

Safety, efficiency and quality of any electrical enclosure for that matter are significant elements of an ideal GRP electrical enclosure.

Because of that, there are specific bodies that evaluate the suitability of this type of product in regards to such aspects.

In most cases, you’ll find that there are particular standards which measure different quality specifications of these items.

Some of the key ones include the following;


NEMA is the most common and widespread quality standard.

It largely describes enclosures’ varying protection capabilities against environmental elements.

NEMA mostly conveys ingress progression and enable you to enforce compatibility safety as well as ideal performance.

2. UL

This is also another fundamental quality standard for electrical cabinets.

It’s the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) that regulates this particular standard.

A UL listing on a product indicates that samples of that product have been tested and proven to be fit for use.

It shows that the product fully complies with the set UL quality standards for electrical and electronic equipment.

3. CE

Essentially, the CE mark of quality expresses enclosure’s conformity with safety, health and environmental protection aspects.

It’s common in the EU region,and it’s merely a declaration that the manufacturer meets different directives of EC.

It is also a symbol which expresses the marketability of the product within and beyond the EU market.

4. RoHS

RoHS is a predominant quality standard in the European Union market which limits the use of hazardous materials in electrical and electronic products.

These materials include mercury, lead, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls etc.

GRP Electrical Enclosure Specification

The truth of the matter is that GRP electrical boxes are becoming popular with every passing day.

So manufacturers and dealers are taking advantage to ensure that they sell these products to the users.

Technical drawing of electrical enclosure

Technical drawing of electrical enclosure – Photo courtesy: EMF

It is therefore upon your, the buyer, to ensure that you get only what’s suitable for your application.

Keeping this in mind, here are some specifications that you should always look out for when importing a GRP enclosure;

· Material

GRP electrical enclosure are commonly made out of glass reinforced plastics i.e. fiberglass, polycarbonate etc.

When importing any GRP enclosure therefore, it is important to ensure that the material is strong durable and ideal for your type of application.

This is critical as it will determine if the enclosure will be able to withstand unfavourable climatic and physical conditions.

· Door

Most GRP enclosure are designed for outdoor applications.

And for that reason, they mostly have more than two double-doors in each unit.

It doesn’t, however, mean that you can’t find small GRP enclosure switch single doors.

The bottom line, however, is that you have to look into the design and number of doors that this product contains.

The door locking mechanism is also another factor to consider as it determines how well your equipment is protected from unauthorized access.

· Compartment

It refers to the sub-divisions inside the electrical cabinet.

Considering how your electrical enclosure is divided is vital because it allows you to determine how you’ll arrange different electrical components.

· Size

It is unquestionably an issue of concern that you must evaluate before or when buying this item.

The size to buy is based on the availability of space and the particular application.

So in essence, if it’s for outdoor and heavy applications, you’ll require one with relatively large dimensions.

KDM GRP Electrical Enclosure

Ultimately, your success in finding the right GRP enclosure for your needs depends on the manufacturer.

The right GRP electrical enclosure manufacturer will provide you with the right GRP enclosure for your needs.

KDM Steel Electrical Enclosure

KDM Steel Electrical Enclosure

A manufacturer like KDM steel will ensure that you get the absolute value for your money.

This is because KDM steel has the necessary experience, professionals, and understanding to supply you with what you need – no matter if it’s off the shelf GRP enclosure model or a customized one.

So avoid the guesswork and timewasting, call KDM steel now for a free quote.

We (KDM steel) are reliable, affordable and timely.


Well, I bet now know all that you needed to know regarding the GRP electrical boxes.

So, the next time you want to spend your money on any of the product, you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

As you do this, remember to find a trustworthy and reliable manufacturer that can supply you with a high quality and effective GRP enclosure.

Lucky for you, there’s KDM steel.

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