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Enclosure cable Entry
36kV Front Enclosure cable Entry
36kV Front Enclosure cable Entry

KDM 36kV Front Enclosure cable Entry was designed for secondary dispersal connections that rates until 36 kV.  This has wide-ranging uses in cable management.

Brush Strip Enclosure cable Entry System
Brush Strip Enclosure cable Entry System

This is considered a number solution for the finest electrical system flow. Mounting designs of the KDM Brush Strip Enclosure cable Entry System are also available.

Enclosure Cable Entry Plate
Enclosure Cable Entry Plate

KDM Enclosure Cable Entry Plate is available in round configurations. It is UL 94-rated and the best solution for cable suitings. Available in different colors and sizes.

Enclosure Multi-cable Entry System
Enclosure Multi-cable Entry System

With a maximum size of  65 mm in diameters. KDM Enclosure Multi-cable Entry System is ideal for overweights triple-pins networks and cable cut-outs.

Flange Enclosure Cable entry
Flange Enclosure Cable entry

KDM Flange Enclosure Cable entry is very easy to install. It has IP 54-rated sealing protection and strain reassurance. Numerous advantages will obtain while using.

Sliding Enclosure cable Entry
Sliding Enclosure cable Entry

KDM Sliding Enclosure cable Entry is recognized with most fixed designs. This has slide-out trays and versatile duct distribution complex for all entering cables.

Split IP 54 Enclosure Cable Entry
Split IP 54 Enclosure Cable Entry

Without connectors or with, cable channels must be routed inside the machines. This type of enclosure is  IP54-rated protection. Plus, it can withstand different critical conditions.

Versatile Enclosure Cable Entry
Versatile Enclosure Cable Entry

KDM Versatile Enclosure Cable Entry is available with rectangular and round shapes. This is helpful for secured cable entering together with IP 66 protection.

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This refers upon optical and electrical cable controls in installation process. You can easily change cables when needed.
It is approved by IP 68 electrical protection grades and 4x UL protected. Cables inside is easy to assemble.
Cable Entry Seals has huge openings and perfect for those terminated cable wires. Can be adjust easily.
This is a mechanical type of cable entry equipment. Useful for automation systems and electrical applications.

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  • UL, IP 68, IP 66, IP 54 Recognized Enclosures
  • For Industrial and Commercial Uses
  • Full Protection Against Unconditional Weather
  • Fire-retardant, Rust-proof Enclosures

KDM Enclosure Cable Entry

If you are in need of enclosure cable entry for an important application, KDM can provide.

KDM team has a wide-ranging enclosure cable entry range in case of facing the difficult electrical state.

We have 10+ years in the manufacturing industry, so expect great quality enclosure cable entry finishes from us.

When having KDM enclosure cable entry, the safety of cables is guaranteed.

This is covered with thermoplastic, sheet steel, and polyester enclosures.

Our range of enclosure cable entry is well-fitted for any severe challenging circumstances. This helps your cables be protected from any harm and completely sealed.

However, KDM`s enclosure cable entry features with strain-relief and full-secured seals.

This is so good for unassembled and pre-assembled cables. With connectors or without, KDM enclosure cable entry will help you save more time.

KDM manufactures enclosure cable entry that can provide a maximal flexibility performance.

KDM`s Enclosure cable entry is fast and space-efficient routed into management panels, machines, electrical enclosures and sealed totally.

We also offer KDM enclosure cable entry in cost-competitive, time and space-efficient compared to any traditional cable glands.

When finally has KDM enclosure cable entry on your hands, expect great quality services.

Besides, our enclosure cable entry can be installed in both outdoor and indoor applications.

KDM built this type of enclosure with sure standards. Also, our team creates enclosure cable entry to act against hazardous circumstances.

In general, KDM enclosure cable entry was enhanced, quality-checked, and designed for overall industrial uses.

This is designed most especially with those required high protection levels.

This works finely as a cable control solution provider that protects housings, machines, etc.

KDM team is an expert and can produce different quantity orders.

We offer KDM enclosure cable entry with approvals flame retardant UL 94-V0, UL recognized, and IP-rated protections.

This is a perfect solution for your custom cabling applications.

We, KDM can custom Enclosure Cable Entry depends on your requirement.

We keep striving to give you the best-rated finishes that can boom your business! We can help you achieve a successful business future!

If you`re interested to purchase KDM Enclosure Cable Entry, don`t hesitate to contact our staff.

We are 24/7 online for customer service. We can`t wait to work with you.

Electrical Enclosure Cable Entry: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What is Enclosure Cable Entry System?

Enclosure cable entry system is a set of equipment and accessories used to route electrical, data or any other cables into and out of an electrical enclosure, control panels or instrument enclosure.

Depending on the design of an electrical enclosure cable entry system, they may include cable glands, cord grips, holes/opening, fasteners, mounting frame, and cable entry plate.

The design of the enclosure cable entry system must guarantee:

  •  Safe and easy routing of electrical and other cables
  •  Complete sealing and protection of the enclosure according to the IP enclosure rating and NEMA enclosure standards
  • Maximum flexibility during cable installation

It implies as cable entry systems allow routing of cables, they must protect the electrical enclosure from liquids, dirt or dust ingress.

Simple cable entry system

      Simple cable entry system – Photo credits: Wikimedia      

Advanced enclosure cable entry system

Advanced enclosure cable entry systems – Photo credits: Wikimedia

What is Electrical Enclosure Cable Entry Plate?

Cable entry plate provides a platform with holes or openings from where you can assemble other systems such as cable glands and route the electrical, optical or data cables/wires.

At times, they are also called electrical enclosure gland plates.

Depending on the design of the electrical enclosure cable entry plate they may have the following key features:

  • Predrilled holes for easy installation of cables
  • Number of holes will depend on the cables
  • Partially sealed holes (simply make the hole by pressing sealing plate)
  • Made from different materials depending on the design of an enclosure
  • Comes with frame and gasket for airtight and watertight sealing

Cable entry plate

 Cable entry plate – Photo courtesy: Wikimedia

Even as you import electrical enclosure cable entry plate, choose those that are:

i. Easy to assemble

ii. Effectively handles cable management requirements

iii. Conforms to UL, IP and NEMA requirements.

Is there Standard Size for Electrical Enclosure Cable Entry System?

Not really.

The size and design of the electrical enclosure cable entry system will depend on the cable management requirements.

Also, the size and design of the enclosure will be a key determining factor.

Cable entry system designs

Cable entry system designs: Photo courtesy

Are there Quality Standards for Enclosure Cable Entry System?

Definitely, yes.

Remember, the design of an electrical enclosure must conform to certain quality standards to meet the minimum quality threshold and performance.

This includes all aspects – be it door latch, ventilation system, or cable entry system.

Now, depending on the application requirements, the whole enclosure cable entry systems must conform to IP, NEMA, UL, RoHS, EMC and CE, standard specifications.

What is Electrical Enclosure Cable Management?

Enclosure cable management is the process of tidily installing, assembling and organizing electrical, data, optical, network or other cables within the electrical enclosures.

It starts from the electrical cable entry, through to the DIN rails, backplate and where the cable terminates in the components.

Cables and electronic components in the enclosure

Cables and electronic components in the enclosure

Why is Cable Management Important?

i. Creates a neat and tidy environment within the electrical enclosure

ii. It makes adding, removing or adjusting components and cables in enclosure easy and straightforward

iii. Protects wires and cables from damage

iv. Makes troubleshooting easy and straightforward

v. Eliminates signal interference

vi. Ensures the safety of cables and components

vii. Facilitates unrestricted airflow within the enclosure

Does Cable Management Affect Enclosure Ventilation?

Yes, it can.

Enclosure ventilation should guarantee the free flow of air into and out of the electrical cabinet.

When cables are not organized or installed properly, they may obstruct the free flow of air which should cool the enclosure.

Why Do You need Cable Gland?

Cable glands are accessories that secure and attach cables to the gland plate of an electrical enclosure.

Electrical enclosure cable glands come in a range of materials, designs, and sizes.

You can use cable glands to terminate cables in hazardous and harsh environments.

nclosure cable glands provide better sealing, ingress protection, earthing and strain relief on cables.

Besides, they protect cables from being pulled accidentally.

Cable gland

Cable glands

What is Strain Relief Plate in Enclosure Cable Management?

Strain relief plates are enclosure accessories, conforming to the EN 62444 standards, designed specifically to protect electrical, optical or other cables from mechanical stress or tension.

As a result, the strain relief plate prevents possible damaging or breaking of conductors during installation and when in use.

Strain relief plate

Strain relief plate – Photo courtesy: Wikimedia

What is the Function of Electrical Enclosure Cable Entry System?

It allows you to route or install pneumatic hoses, hydraulic hoses, and electrical cables into and out of electrical enclosure.

Can you Modify Electrical Enclosure Cable Entry System?

Yes, you can.

However, you must choose an appropriate electrical enclosure cable entry system that will not compromise the set performance standards and specifications.

It must fit the enclosure opening and guarantee the specified sealing requirements.

What is the Difference between BW and CW Cable Glands?

BW cable glands are suitable for dry indoor conditions.

Normally, with BW cable glands, waterproof sealing is not a priority.

On the other hand, CW cable glands are designed for wet outdoor conditions.

Implying, BW cable glands must provide IP66 protection.

Why Choose Self-sealing Grommets for Enclosure Cable entry System?

Designed for one or a few cables, self-sealing cable grommetsprovide an airtight and watertight passage for cables into and from the electrical enclosure.

They protect electrical cables from chemical or mechanical damage.

Electrical cable grommets

 Electrical cable grommets – Photo courtesy: MURR PLASTIK

What is a Split Cable Entry System in Electrical Enclosure?

These are special types of cable entry systems, consisting of metallic or non-metallic frames, with several grommets that match the cable diameter.

They are specifically designed for cables that have already been assembled with connectors.

With a split cable entry system, the warranty of your pre-terminated cables will remain valid.

This is because you will not interfere with them during the routing or installation process.

Split cable entry system

Split cable entry system

How Does a Cable Gland Work?

A cable gland is an assembly of different parts that tightly secure cables on the electrical enclosure thereby preventing water and dirt ingress.

parts of cable gland

 Parts of cable gland

Different types of cable glands

Different types of cable glands – Photo courtesy: Wikimedia

Cable glands are made from different materials, which can include:

  • Plastic
  • Metal or,
  • Metal and plastic

They are suitable for terminating cables on enclosures used in hazardous environments.

Depending on the design, the installation process may vary from one enclosure cable gland to another.

However, how they work (securing cable to the enclosure, while preventing water and dirt ingress) will still remain the same.

Take a look at this:

What is a Modular Gland Plate for Enclosure Cable Entry?

They are special types of gland plates where you can change cable inserts and sizes depending on the specific application requirements.

Modular gland plates give you the freedom to design the number of openings you need, sealing mechanism and installation area.

Implying, you don’t have to fix cables or hydraulic and pneumatic pipes with predetermined holes.

Most of them have push-out membranes, making it easy for the installation process.

In case you no longer want to use the holes, simply use electrical enclosure plugs to seal them.

What are the Benefits of Split Enclosure Gland Plate with Brush Grommets?

They allow for easy electrical cable installation while protecting the entire system from dirt ingress.

Also, split enclosure gland plates with brush grommets make it easy to add other accessories without disconnecting the cables.

In most cases, the gland plate is made of metal with plastic brushes.

How does Cable Gland vs. Grommet Compare?

An electrical cable grommet is a ring or a tube, made from metal or rubber material, allowing cables to pass through without causing any form of damage.

Besides, by inserting cable grommets in the holes, they improve friction, protect enclosure content and guarantee better sealing.

From their designs, electrical cable glands feature a simple design and easy to install feature (no need for installation tools).

Cable grommet

 Cable grommet

Electrical cable glands are assemblies of various components that attach and secure cables or other accessories on the enclosure.

At the same time, they ensure the cable is free from any mechanical strain.

Installing cable glands is slightly complicated and requires the use of installation tools.

This is evident from their design and structure.

Cable grommet

Electrical cable gland

What is the Best Material for Electrical Cable Gland?

Electrical cable gland material depends on specific application requirements.

Mostly, cable glands are made from any of these materials:

  • Plastic
  • Brass
  • Aluminum
  • Steel

Cable Entry Plate comes in How Many Designs?

Although cable entry plates may come in a range of designs or shapes, square and rectangular options are still the most popular.

Cable entry plate design

Cable entry plate design

How do you Choose Cable Entry System for Electrical Enclosure?

Consider the following key aspects:

  • Ability to retrofit without dismantling the existing installation system
  • Provides a required degree of NEMA and IP protection
  • Frame size or dimensions
  • Number of holes, openings, or options for holding cable grommets and cable glands
  • Material type
  • Specific application requirements
  • Cable entry system design such as split cable entry system or normal types
  • Cost and space-saving options
  • Easy handling and installation
  • High degree of safety

Are there Special Features for EMC Compliant Cable Connection Systems?


EMC Compliantcable connection systems are specially designed to limit or eliminate propagation, reception or the generation of electromagnetic energy.

It allows for signal transmission without any form of electromagnetic interference.

Why Do You Need Locknuts in Electrical Cable Entry Systems?

Whether you choose cable gland locknuts, or for any other cable entry systems, they secure all components.

As a result, even when subjected to the high magnitude of vibrations or pulling force, the electrical entry system will remain intact.


Locknut – Photo credits: EXPELTEC

Where Can You Use Enclosure Gland Plate with Slide Frames?

They are suitable for IP54 rated electrical enclosure.

Mostly, the enclosure gland plate comes with preassembled slide frames for easy installation process.

What is the Best Material for Electrical Enclosure Cable Entry System?

The material will depend on the enclosure type and application requirements.

Some of the most common materials include plastic, rubber or metal.

Whichever the case, the choice of material must meet the minimum quality requirement specifications.

Does Electrical Enclosure Cable Entry Guarantee IP Protection?


Each enclosure cable entry system is designed for specific IP and NEMA enclosure ratings.

The type of material and sealing mechanism will depend on the electrical enclosure application requirements.

KDM Supplies which Other Accessories Apart from Cable Entry System?

KDM supplies a range of electrical enclosure accessories such as latches, air conditioner, fans, window kits, heaters, ventilation systems, air filters, backplate, plugs, cable entry, and safety accessories, amongst others.

Does all KDM Electrical Enclosure have Cable Entry System?

KDM electrical enclosure has both standard and custom cable entry systems.

Can KDM Offer Custom Electrical Enclosure Cable Entry Accessories?

Yes, just tell us your cable management specifications and will provide custom electrical enclosure cable entry systems.

KDM experts will help with a CAD drawing and choosing materials as well.

KDM Charges How Much for Enclosure Cable Entry Replacement?

Our quote for the electrical enclosure system includes cable entry systems.

However, if you need enclosure cable entry replacement, the price will depend on design, size, and quantity.

Talk to our technical support today for competitive prices for cable entry replacement.

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