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Electrical Enclosure Air Filters
Durable Electrical Cabinet Enclosure Air Filters
Durable Electrical Cabinet Enclosure Air Filters

Durable Electrical Cabinet Enclosure Air Filters is an IP-rated enclosure. KDM creates a high-quality finish of this item. This can be available in different color and sizes options.

Electrical Enclosure Air Filters Frames
Electrical Enclosure Air Filters Frames

This Electrical Enclosure Air Filters frame comes from metal and plastic materials. Metals include galvanized steels, stainless steel, and aluminum. This helps protects the main electrical enclosure.

Electrical Enclosure Air Filters Grill Louvers Blower
Electrical Enclosure Air Filters Grill Louvers Blower

KDM`s Electrical Enclosure Air Filters Grill Louvers Blower completely works to replace hot air with cooler air. This performs satisfying cooling system.

Floor standing Electrical Enclosure Air Filters
Floor standing Electrical Enclosure Air Filters

With KDM`s Floor standing Electrical Enclosure Air Filters, the enclosure will keep against insects, moistures, and even specks of dirt.

High-quality Electrical Enclosure Air Filters
High-quality Electrical Enclosure Air Filters

This is one of the IP-rated electrical enclosures. KDM produces High-quality Electrical Enclosure Air Filters into different sizes and colors.

Outdoor Electrical Enclosure Air Filters
Outdoor Electrical Enclosure Air Filters

KDM Outdoor Electrical Enclosure Air Filters have particular magnetic styles. The magnet can prevent high specks of dirt went into the enclosure component.

Sealed Electrical Enclosure Air Filters
Sealed Electrical Enclosure Air Filters

To keep it away from dirt, dust and many more, a sealed electrical enclosure air filters type must use. KDM manufactures several stock numbers of this type.

Side-mount Electrical Enclosure Air Filters
Side-mount Electrical Enclosure Air Filters

KDM Side-mount Electrical Enclosure Air Filters only allows fresh and clean air to enter. Depending on the size and the capacity of the air filter, it can help to prevent specks of dirt` entry.

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KDM Electrical Enclosure Air Filters

Checking out for a professional manufacturer of Electrical Enclosure Air Filters?

We proudly introduce great-manufactured electrical enclosure air filters from KDM.

The KDM team can custom different quality of electrical enclosure air filters depends on your demands.

We have a complete manufacturing line for faster production.

KDM Electrical enclosure air filters are built completely from various layers.

Those layers can remove insects, dust, debris, etc. A well-structured KDM electrical enclosure air filters only permit cleanliness to run into the enclosure.

So, with filtration media (useful for trapping contaminants), a free, smooth flow of air are allowed.

The KDM electrical enclosure air filters are functional on removing those very tiny specks.

The device can remove up to ten microns that comes from the air.

Besides, the KDM electrical enclosure air filters work to take over hot air into the coolest air.

With the capacity of KDM electrical enclosure air filter product, easy removing of dust`s specks will now become easy.

With the device`s cooling functions, a relaxing environment surely obtains.

However, our version of KDM electrical enclosure air filters are available with different colors like light gray electrical enclosure air filters, black electrical enclosure air filters, white electrical enclosure air filters, etc.

KDM`s version of this device is completely impressive.

With clean multi-functions, colors, and sizes, KDM electrical enclosure air filters ready to impress you.

KDM electrical enclosure air filters are featured to withstand critical conditions. This also includes the louver system useful for stopping water entry.

With these primary benefits, KDM electrical enclosure air filters will be protected. This may also last longer as long as protected.

When talking about how easy to clean this model, you will surely amaze!

You don`t need any pricey tools to achieve the cleanliness you desire.

KDM made this electrical enclosure air filters with maintenance-free advantage. Also, the KDM electrical enclosure air filters are replaceable.

When in the replacing the process, the air filtration process won`t ever be affected. Our range of electrical enclosure air filters offers EMI protections and noise-impact solution.

We, KDM can produce limitless stocks of electrical enclosure air filters.

All these ranges are perfect for outdoor and indoor installments. So when choosing KDM as a manufacturing partner, expect enough stocks for your business booming.

All KDM electrical enclosure air filters are compliant with international regulations and standards.

So what can you expect? On every finish, reliable quality is guaranteed.

So, for your upcoming purchase plan, include KDM Electrical Enclosure Air Filters as the one you must consider.

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Electrical Enclosure Air Filters: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

How Does Enclosure Air Filtration Work?

Enclosure air filtration system is made of different layers or structures that remove dust, debris, insects, and moisture in the air flowing into the electrical cabinet.

Depending on the type of air filtration media such as polyester or polypropylene with microfibers, they can remove very tiny and invisible particles (up to 10 microns or less) from the air.

Moreover, some enclosure air filtration systems feature louver systems that prevent water ingress.

Even with all these filtration systems, enclosure air filtration should still guarantee a laminar flow of air into the electrical cabinet.

Can Electrical Enclosure Air Filters Withstand Harsh Environment Conditions?


However, they must have special features that protect enclosure air filter systems and electronics in the cabinet.

Some of the key features include:

i. High heat or flame-retardant material (should be a UL rated)

ii. Louver to help in draining water droplets

iii. Waterproof hood

iv. Cascaded ventilation system

v. High grade and fine filtration media

vi. 100% compliant with the international standards and regulations

vii. Easy to clean/replace without compromising air filtration process

viii. Can offer EMI shielding

ix. Corrosion-resistant frame/parts

What is Electrical Enclosure Air Filter?

It is a device or a set of systems that allow only clean (air free from dirt, dust, moisture or any other contaminants) to flow into the electrical enclosure.

Electrical enclosure air filter with a fan

 Electrical enclosure air filter with a fan

Even with filtration media that trap contaminants, it allows for a free flow of air with minimal restrictions.

Can Enclosure Air Filters Replace Enclosure Louvers?


However, you should do a cost-benefit analysis before replacing enclosure louvers with enclosure filter.

Louver vs fan

 Louver vs. filter

In fact, if you can combine filter and louver systems, you will have a more comprehensive enclosure ventilation system.

Moreover, you can also have a fan system, filter, and louver as one single unit.

Are there Electrical Enclosures with HEPA Filters?

High Efficiency Particulate Air or High-Efficiency Particulate Absorbing (HEPA) are special types of filters that remove at least 99.95% according to EU standards or 99.97% as per the U.S. standards of particles passing through them.

The particle size here should be equal to or greater than 0.3 µm.

You can find such HEPA filters in biosafety electrical enclosures.

Or, they are common in electrical enclosures that require biosafety level 1, 2, or 3.

Biosafety levels

Biosafety levels – Photo credits: Wikimedia

When Should You Replace Enclosure Air Filters?

You should replace electrical enclosure air filters when:

  • You cannot clean the electrical air enclosure anymore
  • There is increased air resistance in the enclosure (air does not flow seamlessly in/out of the enclosure)
  • Electrical enclosure begins to overheat frequently due to poor airflow
  • The enclosure air filter is permanently clogged

Remember, through regular inspection; you will know when to replace enclosure air filters.

When they need replacement or cleaning, you will see dirt, particle, or debris covering the entire surface of the enclosure filter.

Furthermore, the frequency of maintenance or replacing enclosure air filters will depend on the working conditions and environment.

Are Enclosure Fan and Filters NEMA Rated?

NEMA ratings stipulate specific environments where you can use an electrical enclosure. It is not concerned about electrical enclosure fans.

However, since fans may form part of the enclosure system, their inclusion must not compromise the NEMA enclosure type rating.

It does not matter whether the electrical enclosure air filter is at the intake or exhaust section.

What is the Best Material for Electrical Enclosure Filters?

Depending on the environment or application, electrical enclosure filters are made from different materials for optimal performance.

Enclosure filter material

Enclosure filter material

Some of the most common electrical enclosure filter media materials include:

  • Polyurethane filter foam
  • Polypropylene and modacrylic fibers
  • Non-woven polyester
  • Wire cloth
  • Synthetic fiber such as G2, G3, or G4. They are mainly made of polymer.

The filter frame is fabricated from plastic or metal such as aluminum, galvanized steel, stainless steel, etc.

At times, the electrical enclosure air filter manufacturers may use dissimilar materials for the filter media.

The aim is to produce a steady static electric charge that improves air filtration.

Such enclosure filter media remove very tiny particles.

How do you Install Electrical Enclosure Air Filter?

Since most electrical enclosure air filters come as fully assembled kits, the installation process is quite simple.

i. Identify where you want to install the enclosure filter

ii. If you’re replacing an old enclosure filter – carefully remove it then wipe the area around the enclosure which was in contact with the filter

iii. Properly position the enclosure filter

iv. Using an appropriate fastening mechanism, secure the filter in place

Note: This procedure will vary from one electrical enclosure to another.

It will depend on where the manufacturer installed the enclosure filter.

Always review the technical drawing of the electrical enclosure if you want to get it right.

Can You Add Air Filters on an Enclosure that Did Not Have One?

It’s possible; however, you should be extra careful here since you may damage the enclosure.

You need to consult the electrical enclosure manufacturer or hire an expert.

Remember, every electrical enclosure is designed for specific applications based on the IP and NEMA rating.

Therefore, adding or removing certain accessories may compromise their functionality.

What is the Difference between Exhaust Grilles and Enclosure Filters?

Exhaust grilles are fixed openings (may have metal strips or mesh wire) installed in the electrical enclosures.

They allow a constant volume of air to leave the enclosure but does not filter.

Exhaust grille

Exhaust grille – Photo credits: Waterloo

Enclosure filters are openings with special media (material) that allow a constant volume of air to flow in and out of the electrical enclosure.

More importantly, its filter media removes debris on contaminants in the air (allows clean air to pass through).

Are Electrical Enclosure Air Filters Same as Enclosure Ventilation Systems?

Electrical enclosure air filters are part of enclosure ventilation systems.

Since through the filters, air can flow in and out of the enclosure.

Even though the enclosure ventilation system involves the flow of air in an out of the enclosure, it includes a range of accessories such as louver, HVAC, fans, air filters, etc.

What is Electrical Enclosure Filter Fan?

It is an accessory that combines both enclosure fan systems and enclosure filters.

Enclosure filter fan

 Enclosure filter fan

It implies an enclosure filter fan forces air into/out of the electrical enclosure.

At the same time, the filter will remove contaminants (debris, dirt, dust, insects, etc.) from the air before it circulates in the electrical enclosure.

As a result, it provides an efficient, reliable, and cost-effective way of cooling electrical enclosure system.

Mostly, enclosure filter fans help maintain the temperature below the surrounding environment.

Is Air Purifier Fan Same as Electrical Enclosure Air Filters?


However, both air purifier and air filters do the same task – removing contaminants from the air.

The difference comes in the degree of “cleanliness.”

That is, air purifier “sanitize air” by removing pathogen, mold or fungus, alongside other contaminants such as debris, dust particles, etc.

Still, it’s not economical to install air purifiers in electrical enclosures.

Electrical enclosure air filters can provide the needed air quality.

Air purifier

AIR Purifier

How Can You Mount Electrical Enclosure Air Filters?

Depending on the design of the enclosure, you can mount electrical enclosure air filters on any section of the electrical cabinet.

However, the mounting position must provide an optimal flow of air to and from the enclosure without obstructions.

You can mount the electrical enclosure air filters using bolts and nuts, screws, clips or adhesives.

The enclosure air filter manufacturer will recommend the best mounting mechanism.

What are the Advantages of Electrical Enclosure Air Filters?

  • Keeps electrical enclosures free from contaminants such as dirt, debris, insects, moisture, etc.
  • Provides efficient enclosure cooling mechanism by allowing free flow of air
  • Offers a cost-effective and reliable cooling mechanism
  • Eliminates frequent enclosure maintenance such as cleaning hence, reducing the cost of operation
  • Increases enclosure components service lifespan since it prevents overheating

Are Enclosure Air Filters Part of Enclosure Cooling System?

Yes, air filters form an integral part of the enclosure cooling system.

Enclosure air filters ensure an uninterrupted free flow of uncontaminated air (free from dirt, debris or moisture) into the electrical cabinet.

How Does Air Flow Affect Electrical Enclosure Efficiency?

Electrical enclosure and its components have recommended operating temperature.

For instance, quite a number of variable frequency drives (VFD), I/O cards, controller, or sensors will only work within a specific temperature range.

Besides, moisture and other contaminants may greatly affect the efficiency of components.

For some components, corrosion and dirt accumulation will create an additional layer that will compromise the integrity of signal transmission.

Also, an enclosure that does not allow for optimal heat dissipation and temperature control will result in inefficiency and subsequent component failure.

These imply, to maintain the recommended operating temperature for optimal efficiency, the enclosure should allow sufficient flow of cooling air to the components.

In short, inefficient airflow for cooling may cause overheating that will result in component failure.

Air flow in electrical enclosures

 Airflow in electrical enclosures – Photo credits: Automation Notebook

To improve efficiency, you should consider the following:

i. Consider maximum airflow for efficient cooling of heat dissipated by components

ii. Strategically position airflow mechanisms to eliminate hot spots

iii. For areas with high ambient temperature consider closed-closed loop cooling options such as air conditioners

iv. Install high heat dissipating components separately from those that produce low heat

v. Mount devices correctly (horizontally or vertically) for an optimal airflow when cooling

What is the Best Air Filters for IP Rated Enclosures?

IP rated enclosures come in different options, for varying degrees of contaminant protection.

Therefore, the type of enclosure air filter will vary depending on the IP rating.

From their design to the choice of the air filter medium, they must conform to the set IEC Standard 60529.

Implying, you must understand the specific requirement of IP rated enclosure to choose highly efficient filter media with the right degree of protection.

Besides, the enclosure may have additional protection features such as:

  • High-quality filter frame
  • Robust enclosure filter mounting mechanism
  • Louver system
  • Gasket

What is the Maximum Dirt Load for Enclosure Air Filters?

Electrical enclosure air filter dirt load depends on:

  • Filter media material
  • Size of enclosure filter
  • Enclosure filter media design technology

Refer to the manufacturer’s datasheet to get the accurate dirt load of an enclosure air filter.

Does KDM Provide Electrical Enclosure Air Filter Replacement?

KDM provides electrical enclosure air filter replacement even for big brands.

We offer a cost-effective, durable, and high-performance enclosure air filter systems.

Even if you bought the enclosure from other manufacturers, we would provide an enclosure air filter replacement for you.

How does KDM Control Electrical Enclosure Air Filter Quality?

KDM follows strict quality control (QC) process, and it starts from verifying composition of filter material, assembly process to actual use.

Our enclosure air filter quality conforms to the ISO 16890-3:2016, European Standard, ASME standard, UL, CE, and EAC requirements.

KDM enclosure air filters are designed to meet the NEMA enclosure rating and IP enclosure rating.

Does KDM make Custom Electrical Enclosure Air Filters?

Yes, just tell us your requirements – our team of engineers and technicians will design air filters to your unique specifications.

Are KDM Electrical Enclosure Air Filters Certified?


KDM enclosure filters are CE, ISO, ASME and UL certified for NEMA enclosures, and IP rated enclosures.

We can avail the certifications upon request.

Does KDM Provide Custom Enclosure Filters CAD and Dimension Drawing?

From concepts, technical CAD drawing, dimension specification, fabrication, assembly to testing, KDM provides an all-in-one solution for your standard and custom enclosure air filters.

Contact us today for any questions and inquires on enclosure filter.


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