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Corner Shower Enclosure
Tempered Glass Corner Shower Enclosure
Tempered Glass Corner Shower Enclosure

Tempered Glass Corner Shower Enclosure is constructed with a 6mm tempered glass and 900x900x1900mm waterproof bathroom curved corner shower enclosure. These are a convenient and comfortable type of free-standing corner shower enclosures.

Sliding Door Corner Shower Enclosure
Sliding Door Corner Shower Enclosure

Sliding Door Corner Shower Enclosure is fitting for every kind of shower tray and for the bathtub-shower as well.‎ It is formed of a stainless steel frame and a glass thickness with 8 mm‎ height and width can be customized.‎

36x36x76 3-Piece Corner Hinged Frameless Shower Enclosure
900mm x 770mm Corner Shower Enclosure

900mm x 770mm Corner Shower Enclosure has a unique single wall installation high-quality metal handles with 2 easy-glide slider doors and chrome finish. KDM is sure to have something that appeals to your affection and budget.

90x90x185 Corner Shower Enclosure
36" x 86" Round Sliding Shower Enclosure with Base Included

36″ x 86″ Round Sliding Shower Enclosure with Base Included has the overall dimensions of  86” H x 36” W x 36” D. Compacted with all interior plumbing components such as body jets, shower valve, showerheads, water hoses, and elbows which provides conveniences.

Bifold Corner Shower Enclosure
Bifold Corner Shower Enclosure

An example of precision design and engineering, this stunning Bifold Corner Shower Enclosure has 6mm toughened safety glass.  This product is ideal for tight or small spaces such as in a small en-suite were area is limited.

Frameless Corner Shower Enclosure
Frameless Corner Shower Enclosure

Frameless Corner Shower Enclosure increases the value and adds a touch of luxury, that play with elegance, light, and flow. KDM helps you upgrade an outdated bathroom to a relaxing retreat with a new glass shower door that holds up well far into the future.

Semi-Frameless Corner Shower Enclosure
Semi-Frameless Corner Shower Enclosure

Semi-Frameless Corner Shower Enclosure is manufactured with sleek and stylish design. Built with an 8mm easy clean British standard safety glass with hinged door opening. KDM is specialists in making corner shower enclosures that allows more spacious and relaxing shower experience.

850 X 850 Curved Corner Shower Enclosure
850 X 850mm Curved Corner Shower Enclosure

850 X 850 Curved Corner Shower Enclosure has a functional profile aluminum silver-painted. It looks very elegant and upmarket. KDM`s products are not only improves the appeal of your bath but also increases the value of your environment.

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KDM Corner Shower Enclosure

Corner Shower Enclosure

If you`re looking for a very impressive and durable corner shower enclosure, why not try to purchase a corner shower enclosure manufactured by KDM?

As a leading manufacturer of shower enclosure in China, KDM has the capability to create and produce corner shower enclosure with many features with various measurements, style, shapes, glass type, door type, or finishes. Our products are made contemporary and modern to suit many applications.

Plus, we can custom your corner shower enclosure according to your design. From fixed panel type, swing type to sliding type we can provide it. From clear, frosted, or half-frosted glass materials, you can have it!

We offer a comprehensive line of corner shower enclosures, shower mirrors, doors, and shower glass, all custom installed and custom-measured. A hundreds of stocks are waiting for you.

Corner Shower Enclosure

For the finish selections, we present our strong Bifold Corner Shower Enclosure, Frameless Corner Shower Enclosure, Tempered Glass Corner Shower Enclosure, 90x90x185mm Corner Shower Enclosure, and many others. Choose your desired corner shower enclosure that enhanced your bathroom environment.

Many business organizations used and install our KDM corner shower enclosures worldwide. You will see them in star-rated hotels and resorts, chain shops, large-scale shopping malls, etc. They even apply these in real estate property, commercial establishments and inns, apartments, villas, model rooms, fitness halls, massage rooms, beauty shops, golf course, and many more. You can also install our KDM corner shower enclosure in your house. We are everywhere! If you notice a shower enclosure that looks better ambiance, feels better and comfy, or just has that extra something extraordinary, it’s probably one of our finishes.

So, what are you waiting for? Be one of the satisfied customers!

Rectangle Shower Enclosure

KDM has the latest solution for your shower project. You’ll find something exemplary for your bathroom here in KDM.

Our KDM corner shower enclosure is 100% quality passed for its durability, stability, extreme strength, and reliability. All hardware and components used in fabricating KDM corner shower enclosure are well tested with a 24h acid spray test. A long-lasting shower enclosure that ensures the comfort and convenient feelings when customers taking their bath.

Of course. We are a factory and we accept custom manufacturing. We are your reliable source of shower enclosure products! KDM is certified in CE, UPC/CUPC, BSCI, SASO, ISO9001, and much more.

We are specialized in manufacturing bath-ware solutions including shower enclosure, massage tub, shower tray, shower room, complete shower room, shower panel, and other bath products.

Whatever your need, it`s all here in KDM, the #1 supplier and manufacturer in China.

Whether you`re a trader, supplier, or distributor, always count for KDM. You will definitely achieve a positive outcome when choosing us.

KDM offers a wide variety of interior products and services designed to add elegance and functionality to your home or any application.

More and more clients turn to KDM for excellent client generosity and after-sales service.

Update and develop the design and of your bathroom with our KDM corner shower enclosure!

For more details about corner shower enclosures, let KDM help and assist you! We have a 24/7 online assistant for your business project. Whether it`s for your personal application or business improvement, KDM is always the right choice for your corner shower enclosure need!

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