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90 minute fire rated door
Solid Wood 90 Minute Fire Rated Doors
Solid Wood 90 Minute Fire Rated Doors

KDM solid wood 90 minute fire rated doors are continue to maintain their beauty over time because they are extremely sturdy, withstanding years of heavy use.

Fireproof 90 Minute Fire Rated Doors
Fireproof 90 Minute Fire Rated Doors

Needing for reliable fireproof 90 minute fire rated doors? KDM is the best place to go. We manufacture quality fireproof 90 minute fire rated doors.

Glass 90 Minute Fire Rated Doors
Glass 90 Minute Fire Rated Doors

KDM glass 90 minute fire rated doors are manufactured by a unique process, using top quality fire-rated core material. It is high-hardness and anti-aging.

Metal Steel 90 Minute Fire Rated Doors
Metal Steel 90 Minute Fire Rated Doors

KDM metal steel 90 minute fire rated doors is popular because of its durability and functionality. Metal steel 90 minute fire rated doors is also very useful in various application.

Self-closed 90 Minute Fire Rated Doors
Self-closed 90 Minute Fire Rated Doors

Our self-closed 90 minute fire rated doors are suited in areas of business including kitchens and other food preparation environments. Get desirable self-closed 90 minute fire rated doors in KDM.

Aluminum 90 Minute Fire Rated Doors
Aluminum 90 Minute Fire Rated Doors

KDM is great aluminum 90 minute fire rated doors manufacture. KDM aluminum 90 minute fire rated doors are offer extra strength, more security, enhance durability and extended fire protection in short it gives good over all performance.

Clear 6mm 90 Minute Fire Rated Doors
Clear 6mm 90 Minute Fire Rated Doors

KDM clear 6mm 90 minute fire rated doors are not only good in fire resistant but also give more advantages. In KDM clear 6mm 90 minute fire rated door can be ordered in standard and specific size.

Emergency Exit Door 90 Minute Fire Rated Doors
Emergency Exit Door 90 Minute Fire Rated Doors

KDM emergency exit door 90 minute fire rated doors can provide more security because it gives more protection against fire. KDM designed this to meet the life-safety requirements in various types of buildings and structures.

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KDM 90 minute fire rated doors with push bar are very easy and convenient to use. KDM ca custom 90 minute fire rated doors with push bar at good quality.
90 minute residential fire rated doors are suitable for any residential areas and health care environments because it can be cleaned to a high standard, and hygiene is easy to maintain.
KDM 90 minute fire rated kitchen wooden doors are ideal for kitchen areas. It is easy to clean and give more security so that you can guarantee any food in your kitchen are clean and safe.
If you are looking for quality swing 90 minute fire rated doors KDM is the best answer for you. We offered standard and have a good performance of swing 90 minute fire rated doors.

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KDM 90 Minute Fire Rated Doors

fire rated

KDM is excellent 90 minute fire rated doors manufacturer and supplier located in China.

KDM 90 minute fire rated doors constructed to slow or prevent the spread of fire and smoke.

These are suitable in commercial buildings than in residential structures.

It also can provide peace of mind and more confident.

KDM can manufacture 90 minute fire rated doors which is extreme and useful to any business that is concerned about potential fires.

Other regular doors are typically cannot withstand the heat of a fire for very long and can be the entryway for the fire to spread that’s why KDM dive full efforts to manufacture 90 minute fire rated doors that truly works for its function.

fire rated

KDM have 10 years of experience in manufacturing and we have full capability to provide 90 minute fire rated doors which gives security.

KDM is the only manufacturer that offered a lot choices of manufacture 90 minute fire rated doors.

We have a capacity to help you with customizing your manufacture 90 minute fire rated doors orders.

KDM keep every buyer up to date with our latest product trends in this fast-moving electronic industry.

fire rated

KDM 90 minute fire rated doors is made up of good material to make sure the good quality.

Whether you are looking for a 90 minute fire rated doors for your business, home, and other residential purposes, we have the best choice and solution for you.

We can produce it as soon as possible as long as you need it.

If you are in need of a 90 minute fire rated doors feel free to contact us for assistance.

90-Minute Fire Rated Doors – The Full FAQ Guide

In this guide, you will find the most relevant and up-to-date information about 90-minute fire-rated doors.

A number of the most basic and useful questions will be covered in great detail.

The questions covered include how a 90-minute fire-rated door is tested, what materials are used in its manufacture, the regulations that you should be aware of, and more. 

90-Minute Fire Rated Door

What Is A 90-Minute Fire Rated Door?

A 90-minute fire door is internationally known as an FD90 certified fire door.

90-minute fire-rated door assemblies are shipped with a certificate and special labels providing the information about all required characteristics.

Any building regardless of the size must have a passive fire protection system.

One of the most important elements of this system are correctly installed and functioning fire doors.

90-minute fire-rated doors are made to be able to stay intact during an event of an actual fire during a fixed amount of time (in ideal conditions 90 minutes).

The main function performed by the fire doors in case of a fire emergency is to provide localization of fire in the area of its origin or minimizing its spread giving time for evacuation.

Durable fire doors also mean that in case of fire less damage is suffered by the property and assets, and more people can leave the building safely.

On the other hand, fire doors of poor quality or the absence of them can mean huge losses and put the lives of the people in danger.

Fire safety is a mandatory part of the design requirements of the local, national, and international building regulations. 

The regulations provide important instructions about how those standards can be incorporated into a specific building project.

FD90 fire doors are among the most durable types of fire doors presented on the market nowadays.

They are mostly applied in the settings that are specifically required to have such level of fire protection or if extra safety is a must.

Fire risk determines the need for a certain fire door with a certain rating and it depends on many factors.

Like for instance, the probability of a fire occurring, the structure of the building, its purpose, the materials used in the construction, the nature of its business, and so on.

Only after being completely sure that the fire risk assessment is performed in a sufficient manner will you be able to make an informed decision concerning installation locations of 90-minute fire-rated doors.

It is advised to seek professional consultation beforehand.

The main difference of a fire door from a normal door is its ability to withstand fire and smoke and the certification which proves this as well.

More about how a fire door is tested to determine its rating down below.

90-Minute Fire Rated Double Door

How KDM Tests 90-Minute Fire Rated Doors?

Before a door can be labeled as the 90-minute fire-rated door it first must pass a number of tests.

Only after rigorous testing can a door be certified as the 90-minute fire-rated door.

There are numerous testing laboratories and facilities around the world, some of them like UL are of international level and are issuing certificates accepted worldwide.

Some are only providing country-wide accepted certifications.

But regardless of the specific laboratory or testing facility, the basic procedures used to determine what specific rating should a door have, are the same.

Each test is required to be performed on complete door assembly.

In other words: the fire door and doorframe and all the hardware supplied (locks, latches, hinges, self-closing mechanism, and so on) are tested together as a fully functioning prototype. 

This is due to the fact that if different parts are tested separately there is no way to determine how well a complete assembly would perform in a real-life situation.

To push the real-life emulation even further, the whole door assembly is attached to a special wall and is tested in different positions. 

It is important for the actual door frame to be tested as well.

The test procedure in the full version can be found in the book of standard testing procedures of the specific laboratory. 

The basic steps of the testing procedure include, but are not limited to:

  1. Both sides of the door being exposed to the fire in a controlled environment.
  2. The door is observed carefully for integrity by the professionals.
  3. The time-temperature curve is applied to visualize the performance of the door under specific fire conditions.

Generally, the standard testing procedure requires the tests to be performed with the upper part of the door under slight positive pressure, in order to simulate the conditions observed in a real-life fire emergency.

After the door had passed the FD90 test every door and doorframe manufactured according to the same prototype as the one tested will have the same fire-resisting properties and labeled FD90.

The identification label indicating the fire rating of the door can normally be found at the top edge of the door.

A plug with color code is sometimes inserted into the door as well, instead of or as an addition to the label.

Sometimes the identification marks are removed, damaged, or painted over during the installation or adjustment of a fire doorset.

This unfortunate situation can be avoided if the work has been done by a professional fire door installation service. 

90-minute factory fire doors

Where Should I Use A 90-Minute Fire Rated Door?

Everywhere where extra fire safety is needed 90-minute fire doors are installed.

They provide a top-level fire and smoke protection saving the lives of people and ensuring that in case of a real fire emergency the least amount of damage is suffered by your property and assets.

In some instances, it is explicitly required by the governmental regulations that at some locations in the building the FD90 fire doors are installed.

For example, it is a common requirement that a door separating garage and residential area in a two-storey building must be a fire door.

90-minute fire doors are installed mostly in governmental buildings, offices, factories and manufacturing sites, warehouses and garages, educational buildings, hospitals, retail shops and shopping centers, hotels, theatres and concert halls, residential houses, and so on.

90-minute fire doors provide excellent fire compartmentation in addition to fire-resistant walls, floors, and ceilings.

The fire compartment unit is either a room, a number of rooms, or corridors.

Especially strong fire compartmentation provided by FD90-rated fire doors means that by investing in durable FD90 fire doors you are investing in the safety of people and assets and minimizing risks.

Also, as FD90 fire doors are made from outstandingly durable materials means that with some care they can serve you for many years to come.

Solid Wood 90 Minute Fire Rated Door

What Types Of 90-Minute Fire Rated Doors Can I Order?

# 1. Solid Wood 90 Minute Fire Rated Doors

Solid wood is a great material to produce fire-rated doors with a high protection rating.

First of all, it is 100% natural meaning that there are no harmful components in such doors.

Secondly, solid wood items are long-lasting and can withstand even the most severe environmental conditions.

Finally, such doors can be made with diverse design and appearance, including oak, ash, cherry, and other finishes, so you can use these items in different interiors.

Glass 90 Minute Fire Rated Door

# 2. Glass 90 Minute Fire Rated Doors

KDM is a well-known manufacturer of glazed fire-rated doors.

Our specialists devote a great amount of time figuring out the best possible combination of materials and manufacturing techniques when producing this type of 90-minute fire doors.

In this case, it is necessary to keep up the fire-resistant properties of each part of the door.

Doing so, we can guarantee that your glazed 90-minute fire door will last long enough and save the lives of each person stuck inside the building.

Steel 90 Minute Fire Rated Door

# 3. Steel 90 Minute Fire Rated Doors

When producing 90-minute fire doors, steel is the #1 choice as a core material.

Due to high resistant properties and strong structure, various types of steel are commonly used to manufacture 90-minute fire-rated doors, both single and double-leaf.

For environments with normal conditions stainless steel is typically used.

If you are facing areas with high humidity, we can recommend the use of galvanized steel

Self-Closed 90 Minute Fire Rated Door

# 4. Self-Closed 90 Minute Fire Rated Doors

In everyday life, 90-minute fire-rated doors serve as usual means for the passage of people.

However, in the event of fire such doors have to be kept shut to protect other parts of building from the spread of flames and smoke.

Thus, it is better to use 90-minute fire-rated doors that have a self-closing device.

Doing so, you can guarantee that such doors will be closed all the time.

Aluminum 90 Minute Fire Rated Door

# 5. Aluminum 90 Minute Fire Rated Doors

Aluminum is another metal material that is great for the production of 90-minute fire-rated doors.

Its main advantage over different types of steel is that aluminum is much lighter.

Due to this fact, the operation and maintenance of aluminum fire doors is an easy task.

Despite the lightweight, aluminum has practically the same fire-resistant properties so you can rely on these items when it comes to emergency situations.

Emergency Exit 90 Minute Fire Rated Door

  1. Emergency Exit 90 Minute Fire Rated Doors

The emergency exit is one of the most important parts of the passive fire protection system.

Through this door, the escape process should be conducted in the case of a fire emergency.

Despite that it is not obligatory to have emergency exit doors with a fire rating, it is still more preferably.

The main reason to have a 90-minute emergency exit door is the safety of nearby assets and adjoining buildings.

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# 7. Custom 90 Minute Fire Rated Doors

The above-mentioned types of 90-minute fire-rated doors are not exclusive.

In fact, KDM can manufacture all imaginable kinds of fire doors according to your unique specifications.

If your case requires the use of special fire doors, do not hesitate to contact our customer care team and give us your thoughts on needed itemsInterior 90 minute fire rated door

How To Prepare Surrounding Wall For A 90-Minute Fire Rated Door Installation?

The installation procedure is crucial, so doing it the right way is of paramount importance.

One of the first and foremost things to take into consideration when installing an FD90 fire door is the characteristics of its surrounding wall.

Since an FD90 fire door is generally heavier than a normal door you should check beforehand if the surrounding wall is able to bear the additional weight.

So pre-check and inspection of the wall should be your priority.

The door frame needs to be securely attached before you can start to install a 90-minute fire door.

Make sure there are no spaces between the wall and door frame.

If you spot any spaces, close them.

If you have to close more than six spaces on both sides of the door, consider installing a new frame before proceeding to the next steps.

One of the last steps before completely installing the door is measuring the frame to make sure that it is wide enough to incorporate the full length of the screws.

Then the hinges must be fitted to the door frame.

90 Minute Fire Rated Door During Fire

What Materials Are Used To Manufacture A 90-Minute Fire Rated Door?

FD90 fire doors are being manufactured using a variety of different materials.

Mainly wood, aluminum, steel, and FD90 certified glass.

A 90-minute door can be made of a composition of different materials.

Exterior 90 Minute Fire Rated Door

How Often Should I Inspect Conditions Of A 90-Minute Fire Rated Door?

Professionals recommend checking your 90-minute fire door once a year.

It may be advised in some cases to check your FD90 fire door even more often, depending on the weather conditions it is exposed to and the use intensity.

The material of which the fire door consists is a key factor when considering how often the door should be inspected.

The veneer, fore example, is not the most durable material, the wood is more solid, but the metal is among the most long-lasting solutions.

If your FD90 fire door has many hardware items installed, and on top of that it has many extra moving parts, you should pay more attention to them.

Every country can have its regulations for fire door inspection procedures and demands, be sure to consult your local law bodies.

A professional inspection is, of course, a must, but you can easily do some minor checks of your FD90 fire door yourself.

Pay attention to these points: inspect for any missing or broken parts, check for any visible signs of damage, be sure that the label or the color plug is clearly visible.

If your 90-minutes fire door has any glass parts installed, check if they are without damage and are securely fastened in a designated place.

A self-closing mechanism of a 90-minute fire door can be easily inspected: the door must close completely by itself when fully opened.

Test Of A 90 Minute Fire Rated Door

What Are The BSI Requirements For A 90-Minute Fire Rated Door?

The business standards company BSI has lately revised the BS 8214 Code of practice for fire door assemblies.

The newly updated version of the standard provides recommendations for the specification, installation, and maintenance of timber-based fire doors.

BS 8214 now includes updated guidance about the sealing between the door assembly and the surrounding wall.

The recommendations are applicable to timber-based hinged door assemblies or door leaves, fitted into frames of any material.

The newly revised standard is particularly important in relation to the installation and maintenance of FD90 fire doors.

The revised standard is applicable only to door assemblies that are designed to provide fire resistance ratings of up to and including a two hour time period when tested in accordance with other British standards BS 476-22 or EN 1634-1, BS 8214.

Commercial 90 Minute Fire Rated Door

How To Produce A Robust Core Of A 90-Minute Fire Rated Door?

There are many types of core materials for FD90 fire doors presented on the market these days.

They are all produced according to high manufacturing standards and techniques.

One of them is E-core.

The E-Core is a monolithic refractory core, which contains no asbestos or other inorganic fibers.

E-Core is supplied with metal reinforcement to all hardware placings in order to ensure durability for many years to come.

E-Core FD90 fire door-sets are designed and tested with AS1905. Part 1:2005 in mind to guarantee top-level protection.

E-Core fire door-sets can have a great variety of finishes including paint grade plywood, MDF facings, decorative timber veneers, fire-retardant plastic laminates, steel, and stainless steel.

E-Core fire doorsets can also be supplied with FD90 certified glass panels.

90 Minute Fire Rated Entry Door

Should I Use Intumescent Strips With A 90-Minute Fire Rated Door?

An intumescent strip or seal is specially designed to expand during sufficient heat exposure. 

It functions by filling the spaces between the door itself and the door frame.

An intumescent strip or seal is not required for some fire doors composed of certain materials.

Intumescent seals or strips, for example, are not required to be installed on FD90 fire-rated doors made of steel, since the basic properties of steel are its capabilities to expand when exposed to heat.

Intumescent seals are generally used for smoke and fire barriers on FD90 wood doors.

Although in some cases their installment can be optional.

FD90 Fire Rated Door

How To Maintain A 90-Minute Fire Rated Door?

Apart from the procedures already listed in the fire door inspection section, there are some additional things to take into consideration when considering how to maintain an FD90 fire door.

Depending on the material of the door different types of care are needed.

For example, if your FD90 fire door is made of wood or has some wooden parts in it, you may need to refinish it from time to time to maintain the best possible appearance.

On the other hand steel door does not require this type of care.

Residential 90 Minute Fire Rated Door

Where Can I Find Regulations And Guidelines For A 90-Minute Fire Rated Door?

The regulations vary from country to country.

NFPA (National FIre Protection Association) is a good international reference for regulations concerning FD90 fire doors.

NFPA codes and guidelines are applied to the complete door set as well as to its parts, like for example hardware or door frames.

In the US, NFPA standards are used alongside with building and fire codes, however, these standards mostly come from the NFPA documents and are adopted in different proportion from one state to another.

Thus, if you are an American citizen, we advice to contact your local building authorities to clarify what kind of regulations they use in the case of fire doors.

Speaking of the UK, things are more unified.

In particular, you have to look at documents published by British Woodworking Federation and British Standards Institution.

Also, the UK Building Regulations (Part B) consist set of rules for fire safety systems in all dwellings.

These rules include regulations for fire doors.

In the European Union, there is a convenient unified standard EN 16034.

It refers to all fire-resistant and smoke control devices, including fire doors.

90 Minute Fire Rated Door In School

Does The Hardware Used With A 90-Minute Fire Rated Door Have A Fire-Resistant Rating?

Yes, in order for a fire door to have an FD90 rating it should have all of its hardware FD90 rated as well. 

This requirement applies to standard and custom hardware alike.

The hardware supplied by KDM includes hinges, locksets, levers, handles, and knobs.

Push bar panic and fire exit devices, FD90 fire-rated closers, thresholds, door bottoms, hinges, and builders hardware accessories.

The hardware used for FD90 fire doors undergoes rigorous testing and complies with all the necessary standards.

Be extremely attentive when changing your 90-minutes fire door hardware and accessories.

Since if one of the door’s parts is changed, for let’s say FD30 or FD60 analog, the complete door assembly will lose its fire rating and will no longer be FD90.

Generally, if you use professional fire door installation and maintenance service you can avoid this kind of situation.


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