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20 minute fire rated door
20 minute fire rated fiberglass door

KDM 20-minute fire-rated fiberglass doors are completely tested by leading standards. These fire-rated doors are available in various configurations, sizes, finishes, and option choices.

20 minutes fire rated door with window
20 minutes fire rated door with window

20 minutes fire rated door with window is listed by UL, ANSI and ASTM standards. KDM manufacture superior-quality 20 minutes fire rated door  with window for over 10 years.

20 minutes fire rated entry door
20 minutes fire rated entry door

In KDM, we offer an extremely durable 20 minutes fire rated entry door constructed by fine materials. If you want custom-design ratings of 20 minutes fire rated entry door, we can work on it. KDM has the capability to design unique fire-rated doors for you.

20 minutes fire rated exterior door
20 minutes fire rated exterior door

This 20 minutes fire rated exterior door is made of fire-rated core materials and advanced manufacturing process. Our products have passed complete testing. It has stability and structure that reduces flame spread.

20 minutes fire rated french doors
20 minutes fire rated french doors

KDM 20 minutes fire rated french doors feature a reliable and sturdy construction. This product comes in variety of colors, sizes, design and finishes.

20 minutes fire rated glass door
20 minutes fire rated glass door

Looking  for 20 minutes fire rated glass door? KDM is your best choice. These glass-made doors are built with premium construction. It is listed  by UL, and approved by ANSI and ASTM standards.

20 minutes fire rated interior door
20 minutes fire rated interior door

KDM 20 minutes fire rated interior door is available in various designs and species. KDM can provide the best interior doors which are rated 20 minutes resistant to heat. We can find the perfect match for your business.

20 minutes fire rated steel door
20 minutes fire rated steel door

KDM 20 minutes fire rated steel door can be avail at lowest price. These doors have been passed by passed a 20-minute fire test. There are wide variety of options available to you.

20 minutes fire-rated double door
20 minutes fire-rated double door

KDM 20 minutes fire-rated double door has been passed UL, BS, and EN testing.  With over 10 years of experience, we can complete your project design rapidly.

residential 20 minutes fire rated door
Residential 20 minutes fire rated door

As a professional manufacturer, KDM offers a residential 20 minutes fire rated door which fully complies with major requirements. Get safe and reliable residential 20 minutes fire rated door for your home and ensure family safety with certified residential 20 minutes fire rated door  from KDM.

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KDM 20-minute Fire-rated Door

Searching for a high-quality 20-minute fire-rated door for your business or personal needs? Let KDM solve your trouble. As a premier manufacturer and supplier, KDM can give the best solution for you.

KDM 20-minute fire-rated doors are constructed from fine-grade materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. The doors have fully complied with major requirements and safety classification. It is tested and evaluated to applicable requirements to follow standards.

Our range of 20-minute fire-rated doors is ideal for residential, commercial and industrial applications. By reason of, you’ll surely find 20-minute fire-rated doors best match your settings.

20 minute fire rated door-1

Regardless of design and species of 20-minute fire-rated doors, you can find it here in KDM. Best of all, we can customize the product to your request.

At KDM, we carry a wide variety of 20-minute fire-rated including 20-minute fire-rated fiberglass door, 20 minutes fire rated door with window, 20 minutes fire rated exterior door, 20 minutes fire rated french doors, 20 minutes fire-rated double door and more. We have vast options to meet your design needs.

Also, KDM 20-minute fire-rated doors are available in different dimensions and finishes. Depending on the application, these doors can be specified with a hose stream test or not.

KDM fire rated doors are designed to provide maximum protection and performance. It is engineered as an ideal alternative to a wide range of traditional doors.

KDM 20-minute fire-rated doors are available in interior and exterior uses.

20 minutes fire rated door-2

KDM proudly carries the largest variety of fire-resistant doors. Apart from 20-minute fire-rated doors, we also offer 90-minute fire-rated doors, 1-hour fire-rated door, 30-minute fire doors, 2-hour fire-rated door, 45-minute fire-rated door and so on.

KDM, as a professional manufacturer and supplier, we are able to provide high-quality fire-rated doors. We have full capabilities to custom-design 20-minute fire-rated doors.

Together with the advanced manufacturing techniques and expert engineering teams, fast and quick production takes place. We will assist you throughout the process.

More than 10 years in the industry, KDM will be your strong source when it comes to manufacturing fire-resistant doors. You can avail our products at more competitive prices.

Whenever you need a high-quality 20-minute fire-rated door, KDM is your great choice. We are trusted by many customers from different countries.

As an ISO 9001 certified supplier, we have a strict management system to support develop your ideal fire-rated door.20 minutes fire rated door-3KDM will provide a one-stop solution for all 20-minute fire-rated door requirements. Any types of fire-rated doors, we will give the best solution. In KDM, we are and always happy to help you skyrocket your business.

Need more info about KDM 20-minute fire-rated door? Please contact us directly. Our 7/24 online team will connect with you.

20-Minute Fire-Rated Door – The Comprehensive FAQ Guide

Fire doors are made to save human lives in the event of an emergency.

There are several fire-resistant ratings available for such doors, meaning that they can combat fire for a different amount of time.

Choosing a 20-minute fire-rated door is a great option for several reasons.

First of all, such doors cost lesser than other fire doors, and secondly, 20 minutes are quite enough to organize and execute the escape from the building.

Let’s have a look at some properties of these fire doors.

20-Minutes Fire-Rated Door

What Is A 20-Minute Fire-Rated Door?

Fire doors are manufactured with a variety of different ratings.

At first, it may be confusing to understand the abbreviations and features of each model.

But with a few simple guidelines, all the markings like FD20, FD30 and so on, start making sense.

When it comes to labeling FD20 stands for fire door with the 20-minute fire rating.

This actually means that the door is tested and certified to be able to withstand 20 minutes of fire, and additionally, if marked accordingly, 20-minutes of smoke.

Although the actual performance of any given door is influenced by many specific factors, like the intensity of the fire, the materials burning, weather conditions, and so on.

Usually, the fire rating is a good indicator of the time during which the door will maintain its integrity during a fire emergency situation.

Fire doors play a key role in the passive fire protection protocol of any building large or small.

Passive fire safety is inevitably included in the building’s design requirements and it must be in accordance with local, national as well as international building regulations in order to be valid. 

FD20 fire doors are among the best selling fire doors on the market these days.

The reason being optimal price-performance balance.

While more durable solutions have obvious advantages of potentially longer exposure to fire without losing their integrity, FD20 fire doors are excellent at saving money and providing basic fire safety.

What makes a fire door different from a normal door is the fire-rating certification affirming its fire protection features.

More about how a fire door gets its rating down below.

Wooden 20-minute fire-rated door

What Procedures Are Needed For A Fire Door To Get The 20-Minute Rating?

Before a door becomes FD20 certified, it must pass a number of tests in a special laboratory with internationally acknowledged certification.

The tests are performed only on complete door assemblies.

Complete door assembly is composed of the door leaf and doorframe along with the hardware set (locks, levers, latches, hinges, self-closing mechanisms, and so on).

The frame is tested also because if a door is tested with one frame and then is installed with some other frame, no guarantee can be given that it will not lose its fire rating.

The actual test is performed generally in the following way:

The complete assembly is put on test-wall modeling the real-life use.

The testing begins with one face of the door being exposed to the fire and smoke coming from a special machine that emulates the real fire conditions.

Professional staff is observing the door attentively for stability, integrity, and performance.

Notes are made and checklists checked, fixating all the details that may be later needed for the final verdict.

The procedure is then performed for the second side of the door as well.

Generally, the standard instructs that the tests must be made with the upper part of the door being exposed to some small positive pressure, simulating conditions of a real-life fire.

After all the tests are done and the door is given the FD20 rating, all fire doors produced in with the same specifications as the one tested are considered FD20 fire doors.

Fire doors are certified for identification and to ensure their quality standard.

The identification label with the fire rating of a door can generally be found at the top edge of the door.

Special color code plug may be found the door as well, instead of or in addition to the identification label.

Test procedures may vary depending on the individual laboratory setting but are all designed with one scheme in mind.

More information on specific lab testing procedures can generally be found on the websites of these institutions.

Identification marks should not be removed or painted over during the installation or maintenance procedures.

20-Minute Fire-Rated Fiberglass Door

What Types Of 20-Minute Fire-Rated Doors Can Be Ordered From KDM?

# 1. 20-Minute Fire-Rated Fiberglass Door

Fiberglass is the best option while creating fire doors with vision panels.

This material has great fire-resistant and protective properties, thus helping to ensure the overall security of your fire door

KDM has a lot of options when it comes to fire doors made with the addition of fiberglass, including items with the 20-minute fire-retardant rating.

Fire-Rated Door With Window

# 2. 20-Minutes Fire-Rated Door With Window

There are a lot of instances where the use of a fire door with a window is a must.

For example, these are hospitals, schools, research institutions, factories to name a few.

In general, such doors are needed when the visual contact between building compartments is required while the door itself stays shut.

KDM can offer fire doors with a window that has a different fire-resistant rating, including the 20-minute ones.

20-Minutes Fire-Rated Entry Door

# 3. 20-Minutes Fire-Rated Entry Door

Manufacturing of entry fire doors is quite a tough process.

When making such items, it is important to consider not only safety features but also design options.

Among the diversity of design patterns, it is needed to create doors that can operate in harsh weather conditions and help them do not lose their look with time.

Thus, KDM utilizes the most reliable materials to create 20-minutes fire-rated entry doors. 

20-Minutes Fire-Rated Exterior Door

# 4. 20-Minutes Fire-Rated Exterior Door

Exterior fire doors can be used as parts of the passive fire protection system.

For example, they can be found in stairwell exits, or between the garage and other rooms of the building.

Such doors are used quite frequently and they might be situated in places with the constant influence of various environmental threats, such as direct sun rays or high humidity.

KDM does everything to ensure that your fire-rated exterior doors will last for a long period of time without replacement or renovation.

20-Minutes Fire-Rated French Door

# 5. 20-Minutes Fire-Rated French Door

French doors are fire doors that have large parts of glass in their construction.

These doors can slide inside the wall or they can be opened as normal doors.

The construction of french doors consists not only of glass parts but of wooden or metal materials as well.

Together, they form a nearly ideal combination to combat severe fire for 20 minutes straight.

20-Minutes Fire-Rated Glass Door

# 6. 20-Minutes Fire-Rated Glass Door

It is possible to make a robust fire-retardant door made mostly of glass materials.

To do so, it is important to choose the right components and create a fire-resistant core from them.

Our fire-rated glass doors are great for various residential and commercial buildings, including hotels, restaurants, business centers, hospitals, multi-story buildings, and so on.

Despite that such doors cost more than other fire doors, they have a unique design and can be placed practically in any kind of interior.

20-Minutes Fire-Rated Interior Door

# 7. 20-Minutes Fire-Rated Interior Door

According to statistics, interior doors are used more often than exterior and entry doors.

This is especially the case of some commercial buildings, where the constant flow of people between rooms is a thing.

Thus, while manufacturing fire-rated interior doors, it is important to ensure that all ironmongery is made qualitative enough to last as long as possible.

If such parts will fail, it will interrupt the door functioning and might lead to dangerous failures during the event of a fire.

KDM tests doors and their parts rigorously before sending to our customers, so we can guarantee their quality.

20-Minutes Fire-Rated Door

# 8. 20-Minutes Fire-Rated Steel Door

In general, steel fire-rated doors are the most robust items in our catalog.

These doors have the longest lifespan and they act as perfect barriers for fire due to physical properties of steel.

KDM has a wide array of steel fire doors with the highest fire-resistant rating possible (up to three hours), however, 20-minute doors are enough to create the needed fire safety regime.

Also, we can produce fire doors from different types of steel, including stainless steel and galvanized steel.

20-Minutes Fire-Rated Double Door

# 9. 20-Minutes Fire-Rated Double Door

KDM produces both single and double fire-rated doors.

20-minute double doors might be required in cases where you have to cover wide doorways.

KDM fire-rated double doors can be single and double-acting, meaning that they might open in single or in both directions (inwards and outwards).

Also, our double 20-minute doors can be made as sliding fire doors or as pocket fire doors.

Residential 20-Minutes Fire-Rated Door

# 10. Residential 20-Minutes Fire-Rated Door

Fire safety is a pivot point not only for commercial facilities – residential properties also require robust fire emergency measures.

KDM creates this type of 20-minute fire doors especially for such residential needs, making a huge variety of interior and exterior doors for domestic dwellings.

These fire-rated doors can have any imaginable kind of finish, including wooden veneers and simple paneled facings.

With all the experience and manufacturing capacities, KDM can guarantee that you’ll find exactly what you are looking for in your ideal residential fire door

Custom 20-Minute Fire-Rated Door

# 11. Custom 20-Minute Fire-Rated Door

Fire doors might have quite diverse applications, becoming a part of any building, residential, or commercial.

Despite that KDM has the most varied catalog with thousands of fire doors, we understand that your exact specification might differ from the vast majority of standard items that we have.

Thus, we are ready to offer you endless customization of freedom with any kind of goods that we produce.

Just send us your technical vision of the needed fire door using the following form.

Blue 20-minute fire-rated door

Which Materials Are Better For Production Of A 20-Minute Fire Door?

FD20 fire doors are made using a wide range of materials, such as steel, aluminum, wood, or a combination of different materials.

Glass parts are used as well.

Having many material options ensures that the 20-minute fire door of your choice can blend seamlessly with the design of your building.

There is no material that is absolutely better, any given material has its weaker and stronger sides.

The material choice is dictated by the place of the installment of the FD20 door.

Steel, for example, is especially durable and secure and is frequently chosen for exterior applications.

Wood is a more stylish solution preferred by many interior designers for indoor applications.

Panelled 20-minute fire door

Can You Name Instances Of The 20-Minute Fire-Rated Door Use?

FD20 certified fire doors are installed in a great variety of settings.

The design of the building, the purpose it serves, and the installation location of the fire door will all determine the necessary rating of the fire door. 

International fire protection regulations stipulate the following guidelines for the installation of FD20 fire doors:

For residential buildings that are more than two floors high, they must have a fire door separating the stairwell and every room as well. 

FD20 fire doors are also required in loft conversions and as the separating door between the house and the garage area.

For mixed-use buildings: The business and residential areas of mixed-use buildings must be separated by FD20 fire doors.

For non-domestic buildings, the regulations are more complicated than residential buildings. 

Always use professional consultation before installing FD20 fire doors.

Wooden 20-minute fire door

What Is An Intumescent Strip? Where Should It Be Placed?

An intumescent strip or seal is a substance with specially designed properties used in passive fire protection.

With sufficient heat exposure, it swells, increasing in volume and decreasing in density.

It is used in passive fire protection and requires listing, approval, and compliance with the national and international building codes, regulations, and laws.

The intumescent strip works by filling the empty spaces between the door leaf and the door frame.

The installation of the intumescent strip is not obligatory for some fire doors composed of certain materials in some cases.

These cases include doors mostly made of steel because steel is capable to expand with heat exposure on its own.

Intumescent seals are generally used with FD20 wood doors.

Although in some cases their installment can be optional.

Luxurious hall interior. 3d render.

What Is The Hose Stream Test Of A 20-Minute Fire-Rated Door? Why Is It Required?

Fire resistance-rated assemblies, such as fire doors, undergo rigorous performance testing before they are granted the fire-resistance certificate.

In addition to being exposed to fire, fire-rated doors must pass the hose stream test.

The hose stream test is designed to provide a standard method of testing the fire door for the ability to remain intact after a fire exposure test.

Hose stream impact, erosion, and cooling effects of the fire door assembly are tested in a consistent, standardized manner.

This test is not intended to emulate the conditions that may occur during firefighters’ fire extinguishing procedures.

The test itself is conducted after the heat test in the following manner:

  1. Hose stream is directed first at the middle and then at all parts of the fire door. 
  2. The stream is coming through 63.5 millimeters hose and liberated through a special play pipe constructed in accordance with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) 385, Standard for Play Pipes for Water Supply Testing in Fire Protection Service. 
  3. Different water spray pressures are used based on the estimated fire resistance time of the door.

Hotel 20-minute fire door

Is It Possible To Repair A 20-Minute Fire-Rated Door After An Emergency Situation?

It depends on the type and severity of damage suffered by your 20-minute fire door during the emergency.

A professional inspection is needed to determine the state of the door.

A damaged 20-minute fire door can in some cases lose its fire rating.

20-minute residential fire-rated door

What Is The Step-By-Step Procedure Of Checking The Condition Of The 20-Minute Fire-Rated Door?

A simple 5 step procedure for checking the condition of your 20-minute fire door:

  1. Check for certification. Check if there is a label or plug on top (or sometimes on the side) of the door.
  2. Check the gaps. Check the gaps around the top and sides of the door are consistently less than 4mm when closed. You can use a coin about 3mm thick as a measuring tool. The gap under the door can be slightly larger (up to 8mm is not uncommon).If the gaps are excessive, smoke and fire could pass through them.
  3. Check the seals. If there are any intumescent seals around the door or frame check if they are intact and with no sign of damage.
  4. Check the hinges. Ensure that the hinges are firmly fixed and no screws are missing or broken.
  5. Check if the door closes properly. Open the door about halfway, let go and allow it to close by itself. It must close firmly onto the latch without sticking on the floor or the frame. A fire door only works when it’s closed. A fire door is completely useless if it’s wedged open or can’t close fully.

White 20-minute fire-rated door

How To Properly Install A 20-Minute Fire-Rated Door And Its Frame?

Ask certified professional fire door installation services to install your 20-minute fire door for you.

In this way, you can be on the safer side, since only with the guarantee coming from professional installation service you can be sure about you fire door performance.

Before you install your 20-minute fire door make sure that these steps are performed:

  1. Obtain the guarantee list and further required documents from your certified professional fire door installation service. These documents may later be asked by the inspectors during the annual fire door inspection.
  2. Double-check the hardware items and fixings, be attentive for any kind of visible damage.
  3. Prepare the surrounding wall and the room for the installation process of the 20-minute fire door.

General installation instructions:

  1. See if your sill gap is ready for the installation (it may be needed to make some additional space for floor coverings).
  2. Put the door set in the door opening and inspect if it is working properly.
  3. Eliminate mismatches if you spot them and check the performance of your hardware

Core of a 20-minute fire-rated door

Can I Order A 20-Minute Fire-Rated Door With A Veneer Finish?

Yes, we can produce veneer doors.

There are many custom and standard options for 20-minute fire doors to suit your needs in the KDM catalog.

Fire-rated wooden door with panels

Is It Possible To Paint My 20-Minute Fire-Rated Door?

Yes, it is possible to paint a 20-minute fire-rated door but with some guidelines which must be followed.

It is advisable to use fire rated paint, although normal paint is also allowed.

The main condition is: avoid painting your 20-minute fire door in many thick layers.

Always remove old paint layers before adding new ones.

According to main international standards, it is strictly prohibited to paint fire door hardware items (like, for example, handles, push bars, mechanisms with self-closer, levers, hinges, and so on).

Regarding intumescent seals or strips, they can be painted over and some regulations are even explicitly advocating for doing so since in this case the seal is less likely to absorb atmospheric moisture.

However, there are some limits imposed on how many layers of paint can be applied on the intumescent seal without any risk.

And the use of heat exposure or chemical strippers during the repainting process should be avoided if intumescent seals are installed on your 20-minute fire door.

Fire-rated hardware for a door

What Are The Basic Hardware Requirements For A 20-Minute Fire-Rated Door Assemblies?

The main overall requirement for the hardware items is the FD20 certification.

A specific hardware item can have different requirements concerning its function and features.

For example, door hinges must be made of high-quality steel and meet the necessary regulations in order to be able to avoid deformation during an actual fire.

FD20 fire door hinges must be adequate for the door weight, usage intensity, door dimensions.

And when it comes to the fire door closer, the most important thing is whether the door closer meets the requirements of international standards, such as UL certification.

The weight and width of the door are the main factors in the matter of choosing the right type of door closer.

A lighter door does not need an especially strong door closer, a heavier one may need a more durable item.

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